John W Jolin: Chili Master

John W Jolin is the Operational Manager and Intellectual Property Coordinator for Linda’s Lyrics, LLC. Linda’s Lyrics is a company based on the sale of products bearing the prose and poetry of Linda Ellis, the poet who in 1996 released the popular poem “The Dash”. The poem’s title refers to the time you spent alive on the planet earth, between the date of your birth and the date of your death. Ellis challenges all of us to make our lives better by thinking about how we spend our “dashes” and to live in the moment because the dash could end at any moment. Linda’s Lyrics has recently expanded the sale of products bearing lines from Ellis’ inspirational poem to feature wholesale prices to retailers. These products include framed prints, cards, books, and calendars. Jolin was chosen to head this operation.

John W Jolin is not only a rising star at Linda’s Lyrics, but he is also an active member of his church community in Marietta, Georgia. He attends church every Sunday with his wife and brand new baby, and cooks dinner for the congregation every Wednesday night. Jolin is known for his enthusiasm, his compassion, and his chili. In a church cook-off, last October, Jolin’s chili took first prize.

John W Jolin hopes that he can help Ellis spread her message of love with his involvement in Linda’s Lyrics’ expansion as a company. He sees the potential of Ellis’ message, and he will continue to work hard to help grow the company and spread the message of love everywhere.