John and Fidel by

available september 2012

John and Fidel, sittin’ in a tree, K-I-L-L-I-N-G... First comes the assault, then comes the embargo…

Could it be possible that there is but a sliver of a gap when it comes to the difference between love and hate? One so finite to have potentially changed the course of history as we now know it? It’s unimaginable to believe that an American journalist, and a Cuban lawyer despised each other to the degree of collapsing two countries ties to each other. Perhaps if they could have looked past their angst towards each other, they would have realized how much they really do have in common (cue the BFF card and sentimental background music).

Amongst they’re riveting background similarities? Both became president around the same time; individually passionate and loyal to their views (playing the role of ladies’ man included). Both grew up in wealthy/influential families under the Roman Catholic religion (later developing a love for cigars)… but above all, both are still to this day celebrated as charismatic political icons (despite their
manipulative facades). Maybe we’re just being optimistic here, but on any compatibility chart these two would definitely qualify as blood brothers (too visual?).

What if they found it within themselves to look beyond their differences while embracing all the semblances they actually did share?

Things could have been very different… The States would have saved 53 million dollars on baby food and pharmaceuticals, and the mention of the Bay of Pigs wouldn’t stir up such a referential reaction in relation to the two who caused it. Kennedy might still be alive (going out on a conspirators limb here), and the only real downer from this whole fictional situation would be that Miami wouldn’t have nearly as many good-looking Cubans…

So cheers to narcissism marketed at it’s best, and illegitimate love children fidel-ity (get it, get it?)…


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