John Castellano of Pittsburgh - A Competitive Advantage

John Castellano of Pittsburgh believes that the services provided by his company Go Green Construction gives its clients a competitive advantage. He cites gaining a competitive edge as one of the many benefits of “building green,” as he and his co-founder and wife Jennifer Castellano call it. Go Green Construction or GGC, provides a number of services to clients that are trying to become more energy efficient and thereby cut down on operating costs. GGC’s team of energy efficiency scientists inspects buildings to find ways to improve energy efficiency. They recommend a series of improvements designed to increase efficiency.

Increased energy efficiency carries many benefits. Not least among those benefits is reduced cost, of course. Buildings tend to waste energy by losing hot and cold air through their windows, doors, ceilings, and roofs. John Castellano of Pittsburgh says that his company can create solutions for preventing the loss of energy through these all-too-common avenues.

“Building green” also presents many more benefits to the clients of GGC. John Castellano Pittsburgh says that this practice creates a healthy and productive work environment for the client’s employees by installing environmental benefits such as cleaner air and water. Many studies have found that the reduction of air conditioning and heating energy within a self-contained environment has improved air quality and even productivity. Healthy employees take less sick leave and work better when they are in the office. The overall productivity of a company is a function of the health and happiness of all its employees.

New Innovations in the Construction Industry

While it might seem like such an old industry might have gone stagnant and died out, the opposite has come of the construction industry. These types of businesses have been around since buildings have been erected, from ancient times to today, and have continued to pursue improvements and technological advancements to make everyone’s job easier in the process of constructing facilities and buildings. The intuition and creativity that is sparking from the many entrepreneurs that have adopted this industry is vast, and the possibilities are continuing to show themselves as construction becomes even stronger.

Both sides of the spectrum are being dominated as construction grows. Not only can businesses around the world create some of the largest and finest built establishments that has ever been seen, but they can also create some of the most cost efficient and easily budgeted buildings at prices that have never before been reached. This industry is definitely not one that has the reputation of growing stagnant, because in a world of business and profit, construction takes the cake as being the most influential and technologically advanced.

Construction is now even adopting the mission to take on greener efforts to help create a safer environment. John Castellano, owner of Go Green Construction, works with clients in Pittsburgh and all over the eastern United States to provide services to create buildings that are cost and energy efficient, and in a way that will conserve energy and the sanctity of the environment. With professional methods of constructing these facilities, John is just one testimony of the true power and direction of what will continue to be the world’s largest industry.