John Charles Allen ESQ

About John Charles Allen ESQ

A graduate of Rutgers University, John Charles Allen, Esquire, brings a diverse background to his law practice in New Brunswick, New Jersey. As a Paul Robeson Scholar at Rutgers, he majored in music performance while holding positions as drum captain and a member of several university music ensembles. After completing his law degree at Seton Hall University, John Charles Allen, Esquire, opened his current practice in 1995, where he leverages his artistic and legal background to provide compassionate, individualized legal services to a wide range of clients.

Over the past two decades, John Charles Allen, Esq., has developed legal expertise in numerous aspects of the law. He represents clients in diverse areas such as civil litigation, criminal defense, employment, wrongful termination, landlord/tenant, DWI, family law, adoptions, zoning, land use, foreclosure, motor vehicles, negligence, discrimination, elder law, emancipation, and many other areas of the law. Mr. Allen is an expert in immigration law and has successfully assisted clients with complex immigration proceedings such as removal, deportation, family-based petitions, and waivers of certain grounds of inadmissibility. He also maintains a familiarity with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, and has helped clients achieve deferred removal status under provisions of the directive.

An active figure in his profession, Mr. Allen stays current with the latest legal developments through his membership in several groups and organizations, including the American Trial Lawyers Association, the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the American Bar Association, the New Jersey State Bar Association, and the Middlesex County Bar Association.

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