John Church of Just Marketing Advocates for KX 93.5

John Church of Just Marketing gives time and money to support the KX 93.5 radio station. This member supported radio station offers non-commercial broadcasting in Laguna Beach, California. Providing listeners with a mixture of community programming and generational rock-n-roll music, KX 93.5 is well loved in the area.

Founded by Tyler Russell in 2012, the small station reaches listeners in a five square mile radius. Music played on the stations programs covers many decades and styles of rock-n-roll. Listeners are treated to classic artists like The Who, The Rolling Stones, and David Bowie, among others. Alternative rock, punk rock, and new wave artists are in large supply as well. Some of the more unique musical offerings come from bands like Weezer, Sublime, and Billy Gibbons and the BFGs. Tune in to hear great songs from Radiohead, Buffalo Springfield, the Arctic Monkeys, and the New Young Pony Club.

Each day, disc jockey Sandy Fagin plays two tracks in competition with each other for the title of King of the Beach. This face-off style contest relies on the votes of listeners to determine the day's winner. When a track receives the most votes, it is placed in contest with another track the next day. Voters may call in to vote, text their vote, or place their ballot through the KX 93.5 website. Unlike many of the larger radio stations that air today, KX 93.5 offers a full and unique programming schedule. Listeners are treated to more than fifty different programs each week. There are traditional options, such as the Daily Scramble Live morning program, plus interesting offerings like the O Canada show with Earl Jive and the Guitar Gods Power Hour. Every day from noon until five, Sandy Fagin mashes up current rock-n-roll tunes with cuts from his personal rock collection. Having spent more than three decades listening to a collecting rock-n-roll music, it is a vast collection.

Each week, on Caroline's Cause Corner, Caroline Bruderer showcases a local Laguna Beach non-profit organization on her program. Some of the more recent charities discussed on the program include the World Wildlife Foundation, the Glenwood House of Laguna Beach, and The Peace Exchange. The community based programs featured on the station are truly noteworthy. It is because of these community oriented offerings that so many people choose to support such a small radio station. John Church of Just Marketing really appreciates many of these programs and feature shows. Some of his favorites include the UK Back in the Day program, The Importance of Being show, Lee Rocker's Rumble and Twang show, and the Inner Journey with Greg Friedman. If Church happens to miss one of his favorites, he can always listen to clips and podcasts on the radio's website.

John Church Just Marketing - Employment History

Most recently, John Church decided to finally go off on his own and start a company. South Coast Partnerships, Inc. is the product of 20 years of experience, knowledge and dedication to the field of sports sponsorships. With a primary client already set in place, Moto American, Church and his company are already looking into a successful business venture. As President of the company, Church assists a variety of client in securing sponsorships. Though his experience and expertise, Church has retained clients such as the Petersen Automotive Museum, Segerstrom Center for the Arts, the Houston Dynamo Major League Soccer Franchise, and the Mercedes-Benz F1 team.

John Church Just Marketing has worked for a plethora of companies in a variety of positions. He received his first career start with the Phoenix Professional Baseball Inc., as an Account Executive. Soon after he moved to Stratford American Sports Corporation Sponsorship and Promotion Manager. In both of these positions, Church was responsible for servicing, customer relationship, customer development, ticket sales, sponsorship, promotions, and media packages for the San Francisco Giants and Phoenix Suns respectively. Next Church was the Sports Marketing Manager for Chip Ganassi Racing Team. Then after starting as the Senior Director of Sports Marketing for Continental Management Group he was promoted to Vice President.

Soon John Church found himself working for Just Marketing, Inc. There Church would rise all the way to Executive Vice Present of Partnership Development. He then would have a stint with SJX Partners before spending the last two years of his career at Freedom Communications as the Corporate Vice President of Partnership Development.

Save the Whales Foundation History

In educating our youth, it is important to know that you can make a difference every day by following some very basic and practical rules. For instance you should never release balloons outside, you should buy albacore tuna, the only dolphin-safe tuna, also try to prevent urban runoff and keep your cars maintained. When you're home, you can cut up plastic six-pack rings and any plastic packaging before discarding and when possible participate in beach cleanups with your family.

This education is an easily overlooked issue. Those who are compassionate about Whales should dedicate much of their spare time to educating his friends, family and colleagues on how to continue valuable work in progress to protect marine mammals

Save the whales was founded in 1977 by Maris Sidenstecker at the age of 14 years. It focuses on educating the public, especially children, about marine mammals in the fragile ocean environment. Save the whales believes that children are the future of our planet, and they need to be empowered and know that their actions can promote change. Education is the key to saving whales, oceans, and ourselves..

John Church Just Marketing, is a longtime sports industry executive who worked at Just Marketing Inc. He is a professional with several passions such as racing, family, and wildlife preservation. Even though John Church is lived in Arizona for a large portion of his life, he's always had an affinity and passion for the ocean ecosystem and creatures that inhabit our oceans. When he moved to Laguna Beach in 2012, it was a lifelong dream to live so close to something he was very passionate about. John Church became a member of save the whales as long been an advocate ocean conservation.

John Church of Just Marketing - Keep the Oceans Clean

John Church Just Marketing has built quite the resume with his varied experiences over the years in different positions. He has had senior executive positions in Just Marketing Inc., Continental Management Group, SJX Partners, Freedom Communications, Phoenix Professional Baseball, and Stratford American Sports. With the information he has no doubt learned while carrying out his duty at these companies, he founded South Coast Partnerships Inc., which has been successful thus far.

Church has always been a busy man. Despite that, he always finds time to donate to the causes he loves, whether it be monetary or personal time. One such volunteer venture is the Laguna Ocean Foundation. The foundation relies on current science and collaborations with partners, like John Church of Just Marketing. Church lives in Southern California near the beach and considers this organisation to be one of the best in preserving the oceans in the area.

The safety and protection of our oceans is not new on the agenda. This topic has been in the spotlight on more than one occasion, however while there has been improvement, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done and as such, the recurrence of the topic is inevitable. National Geographic shares some ways in which you can contribute to keeping the ocean clean:

  • Be an ocean-friendly pet owner: read pet food labels and consider seafood sustainability when choosing a diet for your pet.
  • Influence change in your community: Research the ocean policies before you vote or contact your local representatives to let them know you support marine conservation projects. Consider patronizing restaurants and groceries that offer sustainable seafood.
  • Travel the ocean responsibly: Practice responsible boating, kayaking and other recreational activities on the water. Never throw anything overboard and be aware of marine life in the waters around you.
  • Educate yourself about the oceans marine life.

Racing Motorcycles

If you want to race motorcycles you, will need to spend several years training and learning the techniques first. There are several nuances of motorcycle racing to master and more importantly you must consider your safety. Obviously, the shortest path around the track will always be the quickest but that's not the case in terms of learning. This does not come without practice and knowledge of specific riding techniques.

It's important for riders to hug the curves with your knee hovering over and sometimes even touching the curb. It's important to learn how to maintain your balance and stay focused. He also believes that a fighter, performer, dancer and singer trains for perfection, the same goes for a motorcycle rider that should always rehearse and practice rigorously. Many of the techniques do not come instinctively therefore it is important to embed those instincts with practice.

After all practice makes perfect. Motorcycle racing does not come without its own dangers. In fact motorcycle riding in general can be dangerous but if you use common sense, protection and have great focus it can be safe. Many motorcycle riders use protective gear to protect their body and more importantly their head. This often requires a helmet and a specially designed padded suit that is not only thermally insulated but protects your body from road rash and scraping your knee.

John Church Just Marketing is a highly motivated sports marketing and sponsorship executive with ten years of experience at Just Marketing Inc. With over 23 years of the business under his belt and a long history success, his interests aren't limited to the business aspect alone. One of his primary clients at South Coast partnerships, a company he started in 2014, offers a professional motorcycle road racing series. As it turns out, John Church is an avid fan of racing, cars, and motorcycles.

John Church Just Marketing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Before John Church ever became associated with Just Marketing International. Before he led a team of international staff in multiple countries. Before he was directly credited with being responsible creating the recognition for Just Marketing of being the number one company in the industry for new sponsorships in motorsports. John Church lived and worked in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Despite moving all over the country, living wherever the next job would take him, the steel city of Pittsburgh will always have a strong hold on the heart of John Church. Originally from Arizona, Church moved to Pennsylvania to work for Continental Management Group as a Senior Director of Sports Marketing. When he arrived there, what he found was a true home in the city. Not only did he find a place where he could begin to start a family, but he found and organization he could support, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Now a diehard fan of the team, John Church fell in love with the organization and the city of Pittsburgh. Named for what the city once produced the most of, the Steelers are a storied franchise and the oldest team in their conference. With most recently winning Super Bowl XL in 2010, the Pittsburgh Steelers became the only National Football League team to have six Super Bowl victories. John Church Just Marketing roots for the team every Sunday and loved the Pittsburgh environment and devotion to the team. After having three daughters in Pittsburgh, he aims to father them correctly and teach them to cheer for the six time world champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

John Church of Just Marketing - Expert Attorney

John Church of Just Marketing, revered as an expert in lawsuit and litigation, has assisted and provided guidance for many people through the frustrating, costly and time-consuming process. Though he is a retired attorney, he is delighted to offer expert advice and guidance to former clients and interested parties whenever he can.

The two most wildly held beliefs with regards to lawsuits are that they are expensive and time-consuming. These beliefs as echoed above, are not false. However, in order to understand why the process is thus, we need to understand what attorneys do. Do we really understand their purpose?

The first thing we need to understand is that the words attorney and lawyer can be used interchangeably. Lawyers act as both advocates and advisors in our society. As an advocate they represent a party in a criminal or civil trial by presenting evidence to support their client’s case. As an advisor, they counsel their clients about their legal rights and obligations and suggest different courses of action on business and personal matters.

Lawyers can work in firms, with private businesses, in government, with public interest, in the judiciary or as an academic. Training to become a lawyer is a long process spanning 7 years: 4 years of undergraduate study and 3 years of law school. Most law schools require prospective students to sit the LSAT prior admission. Once you have completed your study, you are required to sit the bar in the state or jurisdiction in which you want to practice.

With regards to personality traits, attorneys should persevere, be creative and quick thinkers. If you wish to pursue a career in law, these are some characteristics of the profession that should be noted.

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John Church Just Marketing: Chip Ganassi Racing Teams

John Church is one of the most successful businessmen in the sports marketing and entertainment field. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Church has helped grow companies drastically. For instance, while John Church worked with Just Marketing, Inc., the company went from a 6 person organization making about $2 million a year to a staff of 140 members and bringing in over $80 million in annual revenue. Church’s career is marked by great deal closing, growing relationships with corporate level employees, and building networks continually. Church has a knack for helping organization grow into their potential and becoming the profitable business they should be.

John Church has started his own venture by founding South Coast Partnerships, Inc. The company is a sponsorship consulting company created to help boost the sponsorship level of companies. Church started the company with a leg up on the competition by acquiring Moto America, a company that he serves and the Commercial Director, as a client. Some other clients Church’s company has gained are Petersen Automobile Museum, Mercedes-Benz F1 team, MacGillivray-Freeman Films, Segerstrom Center for the Arts, and the Houston Dynamo Major League Soccer franchise.

Acquiring the Mercedes-Benz F1 team as a client returned the businessman back to working with racing teams. For a couple of years, John Church worked for Chip Ganassi Racing Teams as the Sports Marketing Manager. It was then he participated in the development of Target Stores’ groundbreaking vendor partnerships to be team owner of IndyCar, NASCAR and Grand-Am sports cars. He was hired in the business by the former SVP of IMG Motorsports and learned both the IMG business development model and synergies of combining retail merchandising, consumer promotion, and sponsorship.

John Church of Just Marketing - Touring and Sports Car Racing

Aside from formula racing, the next two most popular types of auto racing are touring and sports car racing. John Church is the former Executive VP of Just Marketing International, a company that specializes in brand marketing at sporting events; and he has years of experience coordinating with the professionals involved with these events to get their brand logos stickered onto cars or anywhere at these events. Below is a breakdown of the main characteristics that make these two types of auto racing different and popular in their own respective ways.

Touring Racing
Touring car racing is a popular form of racing that involves a full-contact driving style. These cars aren’t open-roofed like the formula cars, and their wheels are protected by proper wells. In touring racing there are numerous popular events such as the V8 Supercars, The World Touring Car Championship, the European Touring Car Cup and more.

Sports Car Racing
Sports car racing is often performed with grand touring (GT) cars which are often not street legal and used solely for racing. Sports car races are usually long in distance and time; and a team of two drivers will work together to keep momentum throughout the entire race.

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John Church of Just Marketing Drag and Off-Road Racing

John Church Just Marketing, former Executive VP of Just Marketing International, is a marketing specialist who has ample experience working alongside the auto racing industry to promote various related and non-related client brands. He knows the many different types of racing there are, including but not limited to drag racing and off-road racing. Below are a brief description of both types of racing and what kinds of racers and spectators they draw.

Drag Racing

In drag racing, the main focuses are: speed, speed and more speed. Drag races are determined by which vehicle can drive down a straight road and reach the finish line the fastest. What seems like a simple feat can be quite challenging, as the torque and acceleration of these vehicles, in combination with their elongated pencil shape, makes it difficult to keep the wheel perfectly straight.

Off-Road Racing

Off-Road Racing is different from drag car racing in a number of ways. First of all, there is no paved road for the tires to smoothly ride across, which means that a suspension upgrade of some type is required. Second, off-road vehicles are naturally heavier (because of suspension, tires etc.) and not nearly as fast as drag racers. Lastly, off-road courses usually have obstacles such as bumps, jumps and more to add more of an extreme-sport element to the race.

John Church of Just Marketing - Motorsports Event Planning

John Church is a marketing professional who is also the former Executive VP for Just Marketing International. He has attended numerous motorsports events where he has played an essential role in the brand marketing at these events, which takes enough planning in itself. The event, however, is made possible through the combined efforts of multiple companies, agencies and individuals who come together to make racing events a draw to spectators and an incentive to all the sponsors. Below is a breakdown of some of the elements involved in planning a motorsports event.


Most venues used for motorsports events already have tracks set up, however not every venue is a raceway. Sometimes, the venue requires several extra days of preparation, especially for events such as off-road races that take place indoors.


Professional drivers have busy schedules. They have agendas filled with photo shoots, event appearances and other races. In order to book athletes for an event, you must have close contact with each and every athlete’s booking agent to make sure that everyone will be there at the right place and at the right time.


In order to keep the spectators entertained, having food and drink vendors operating on-site will not only help keep the viewers interested, but also help generate more revenue for the event-holders as well as the vendors themselves.

John Church of Just Marketing - Types of Racing Cars

John Church Just Marketing is a former Executive VP at Just Marketing International who has worked closely with motorsports events for years, helping get the logos of his client brands stickered on cars, stitched into uniforms, printed on napkins and placed in a number of different manners that keep the logo in the public eye. The group did this at numerous different types of motorsport events that have featured a wide variety of racing cars. Below is a breakdown of some of the types of cars used in these videos.

Stock Cars

The most popular type of race car in the United States is the stock car. If you have ever seen a NASCAR event live or on television, then you are well-familiar with the abilities of these cars and their drivers.

Formula Cars

When most people think about the term “racecar”, they often think about either stock cars or formula cars. The two are vastly different; while stock cars look much more like conventional vehicles, formula cars appear more like large go-karts with a single seat, no roof, fully-exposed wheels and wings on the front and back.

Rally Cars

In rally racing, there is the element of off-road tracks that are also much more variable in turns and obstacles. In order to battle these elements, rally cars are generally shorter in length and have stronger suspensions to absorb all of the rough terrain.

John Church of Just Marketing - Saving the Ocean

John Church of Just Marketing got involved with a program called Save the Whales, as they were able to prevent the Navy from making “Ship Shock” tests and thus saving 10,000 marine mammals. The Save the Whales Organization is making great strides to protect the ocean and the marine life in it. The Save the Whales attorneys and scientific experts stop the United States Navy from detonating over 250 “Ship Shock” explosives in the waters off the coast of Southern California, where John lives. Save the Whales does not do all the work on their own, in conjunction with environmental groups on both sides of the United States and Mexico border, together they stopped the plan of Mitsubishi to expand their salt mining of the ocean.

John Church of Just Marketing is proud to be a member of an organization that has a world impact, but also help preserve the lives of mammals near where he resides. With a plan to operating in Baja California, not far from John’s home in Southern, California, Save the Whales stopped them from continuing in the only gray whale birthing lagoon in the world. It is because of the memberships of people like John that Save the Whales can continually work to protect the wildlife in the ocean.

Sadly, whales are not the only species John Church of Just Marketing and others are trying to protect. Tuna, swordfish, halibut, cod and flounder that are all depleting because of overfishing. So John also partners with other organization to better the ocean of the world. The average size of the big fish in the ocean has been cut in half or even less for some species in the past 50 years. . For instance, the average weight of a swordfish caught today I90 pounds, however, in 1960 the average weight was 266; the fact is astonishing, and one piece of information that caused John to start supporting the organization, “One World One Ocean”. There are 405 of these reported and the amount double every ten years.

Thinking futuristically is something John Church of Just Marketing is accustomed to as a leader of a company; a future with a damaged ocean is not what he wants for his three children and future grandchildren One World One Ocean looks to preserve the oceans of the world and to slow down the consumption rate we have as a population now. Due to the overfishing the world’s population has done, it is estimated that 90% of the big fish are gone.

John Church of Just Marketing - An Environmentalist

John Church of Just Marketing is an established businessman in the industry of sports marketing and sponsorship. As founder and President of South Coast Partnerships, Church knows how to effectively build a small organization into something large and efficient. The motorsports marketing company went from having a staff of exactly six personnel and having only $2 million in revenue to having an international staff with staff in four countries totaling 140 and their skyrocket revenue of over $800 million annually. He has also focused many of his efforts on protecting Earth’s waters.

The ocean is the number one sources of protein for more than a billion people. John wants to protect the ocean and beaches of his community and the world. When John gets behind something, it can help the organization grow. With more than 60% of the world’s population living next to or near an ocean, they look to it for a livelihood, recreation, and scientific discovery. One World One Ocean believe there will only be seafood left to eat in the ocean if people continue to consume as much as they do in the ocean. Fearing that many of the sea species will die out within 40 years, the organization looks to slow down the destroying of the ocean.

Now living in the beautiful Southern California, John Church Just Marketing is proud to be a supporter of One World One Ocean. The ocean is one of the most important commodity the life on earth. The sheer beauty and wonder of the ocean brings people in herds to gaze upon it.

John Church of Just Marketing - Saving the Oceans

As humans on earth, John Church of Just Marketing believes that we must do our part to protect our habitat. Save the Whales, is involved in many different aspects of marine life protection, which all relate to saving the whale population. The group actively campaigns against whaling and shares that no single action on their part is going to ensure the safety of the whales for all time. He is a strong advocate for this movement because he understands that whales play an important role in our understanding of marine mammals. They do their part by preventing Navy “Ship Shock” tests and saves the lives of 10,000 marine mammals. They also stop salt mining operations, support rescue efforts, campaign against whaling, stop marine mammal capture and captivity, and work with local, state and federal agencies to stop urban runoff.

John Church of Just Marketing is known for his altruistic nature, and his heart for the environment. He is a part of the Laguna Ocean Foundation as well as the Save the Whales movement, which seeks to preserve the world’s whale population. In order to save the oceans, children must be educated about the benefits, not only to the environment, but to themselves as well. Save the Whales, would like the work they started to continue past their generation. This is why it is important to educate future generations. They want to spread the word that the 1986 ban on whaling is not protective, as bombing, killings, captures, are still occurring. We can participate by doing little things such as writing letters to government officials and cutting up six pack rings before discarding them and participating in beach clean ups.

John Church of Just Marketing - How to Get Into Marketing

John Church of Just Marketing, is a marketing superstar with a good educational background in the field. A degree in marketing won’t get you a job in marketing. To get a job in marketing you should learn to sell, learn to write, and learn how to produce multimedia. Just like there are many different areas of marketing, there are many different roles to fulfill.

John Church of Just Marketing has worked in the sports marketing industry for more than twenty-three years. Prior to this, the high point of his early career was his tenure at Just Marketing Inc. He left an indelible mark when he moved on from JMI in 2010 as the Executive Vice President for other endeavors. With this background he ventured to start a global sports and entertainment sponsorship consultancy, South Coast Partnerships. With JMI, Church managed to grow the company from a small agency of six people and $2 million dollars in revenue to a company with more than 140 people on staff and revenue in excess of $80 million. He, has achieved a lot in marketing, he sets the bar high for anybody who wants to do well in the field.

If you want the same level of success as John Church Just Marketing, you have decided that marketing is the field for you, you then have to decide what area is right for you. Keep sharpening your skills and developing yourself. Play to your strengths, this strategy works well in any situation. Decide which one you are going to play. Just like any other career, marketing requires hard work and dedication.

John Church of Just Marketing is a Wildlife Defender

When John Church of Just Marketing is not using his executive skills to market sports professionals, he spends his spare time supporting the Defenders of Wildlife organization. Based out of Washington DC, Defenders of Wildlife works to promote the welfare of imperiled wildlife throughout North America and the rest of the world. Defenders of Wildlife began in 1947, and has spent the decades since fighting for wildlife rights on the ground, on Capitol Hill, and in the court systems.

The goal of the Defenders of Wildlife organization is to protect all native plants and animals in their natural habitats. This national conservation organization has a vision that includes the preservation of biodiversity amid all species of animals and all ecosystems.

At the ground level in each state, Defenders of Wildlife helps the local governments to develop innovative and practical programs that restore and protect native species and their many different habitats. Through this hands-on experience, they are able to make positive influences to policies that are written at the state and local level. Above the small town or county level of bureaucracy, Wildlife Defenders works tirelessly with those who write policy in the federal and international arenas. This allows them to influence lawmakers through research and education, thus helping to create policies that aim to protect wildlife and habitats. They work closely with officials from the Department of Agriculture and the Department of the Interior to advocate for additional governmental funding for wildlife research and conservancy.

When the team at Wildlife Defenders discovers a wildlife injustice, they take their battle to the courts. Doing this allows them to promote legal safeguards for the wildlife in any given state or habitat. Considering that the wildlife of the world cannot speak on its own behalf, advocates in their favor are crucial in the court systems. This also means that the species protected from the Wildlife Defenders advocacy is wide and varied. While they may find themselves in the court system fighting for the native animals of Florida, for example, they are also in turn fighting for the migratory and transboundary mammals, marine mammals, and birds that call Florida home on any given month.

Defenders of Wildlife promotes greater understanding and education in the realms of climate change, habitat conservation, renewable energy, and the Endangered Species Act. Each of these topics plays a significant role in the long term health and safety of the world's wildlife population. Those who wish to support Defenders of Wildlife may become members of the organization, give monthly donations, attend hosted events, or even adopt a wildlife animal. John Church Just Marketing cares for wildlife, and is proud to tell everyone that he is a wildlife defender himself.

John Church of Just Marketing Believes in Volunteering

Volunteering is an act that John Church of Just Marketing truly advocates. He believes that all United States citizens should contribute their time and effort toward a worthy cause. This altruistic giving of one's time is not done for financial gain or any other type of payment. Individuals and groups that volunteer their time or money are doing so only to make a difference or promote a positive change. While volunteers are not paid in the traditional sense for their work, there are benefits to be reaped from the process.

Many people who volunteer gain a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment from the giving of their time. Helping an organization or foundation to improve society, the quality of someone's life, or the environment in which we all live is a great reward. Volunteering is also a good opportunity to learn and experience a position before employment in that field. While social awareness and community involvement are the impetus for required volunteer work for students, it is also one of the best ways to let students try the job before settling on that career field.

There are many different forms of volunteering. This type of service does not require a specific education or an open schedule. Even if you can only give two hours of your time per week, that is a great help to charitable organizations and social service programs. John Church of Just Marketing chooses to spend his volunteer time helping to protect wildlife, ocean mammals, and the Laguna Beach coastline.

Yoga, the mental, spiritual, and physical discipline, is one of the ways that John Church of Just Marketing stays in good health. Originating in India, Yoga is common in the religious practices of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga are the two most common and popular forms of Yoga, though there are many different forms. The concept of Yoga revolves around the theories of God, life, ethics, and liberation. There are many different schools that teach Yoga disciplines. Some of the most common include Samkhya, Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Mimamsa, and Vedanta.

There are many deities that are worshiped within the Yoga discipline, including Trimurti and other major Devas. Deities that are referred to most often during Yoga practice are Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Lakshmi, Shakti, Kali, and Ganesha. The Yoga scripts, otherwise known as vedas, are important to the entire philosophy of the discipline. For those who study Yoga as more than a form of exercise, the philosophical writings of the Rigveda, Samaveda, Atharvaveda, and Yajurveda are wholly important. There are more than fifty different Yoga texts that are used regularly by those who practice Yoga.

The physical aspect of Yoga is divided into three practice styles, those for worship, for meditation and clarity, and for physical Yoga. John Church Just Marketing enjoys the practices of Asana, Hatha Yoga, and Karma Yoga. These disciplines give him a good physical workout while also enhancing his mental and spiritual strength. He also likes to follow the teachings of Guru Aurobindo.

John Church of Just Marketing Practices Yoga