John Cummuta

Providing a Workable Guide to Wealth Management

About John Cummuta

For more than two decades, John Cummuta has developed financial strategies that have assisted millions of individuals worldwide in increasing their financial standing while eliminating debt. A personal finance educator, Mr. Cummuta may be best known as the author of the best-selling and trademarked system Transforming Debt into Wealth. The multimedia program promotes the elimination of debt as a means to successfully building wealth for retirement. Also a small business consultant, John Cummuta offers his expertise on building wealth through speaking engagements and seminars, and he has shared his knowledge as an on-air radio host for more than 10 years. His latest publication is available online at

A veteran of the U.S. Navy, John Cummuta has been a private pilot since 1973; he enjoys traveling to locations such as Malaysia, Singapore, and the Caribbean. When at home in Phoenix, Arizona, he teaches Sunday school and provides support for local food banks and area agencies that offer assistance to unde served neighborhoods.

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