John David DiNunzio - Owner At Berkshire Investment Properties, LLC

John David DiNunzio serves as the Broker in Charge at Berkshire Investment Properties, LLC, which he founded in 2008. Since then, John David DiNunzio has brokered more than $25 million in property investments and twice earned the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors’ Commercial Circle Realtor-of-Distinction award.

Mr. DiNunzio additionally oversees DiNunzio Development, LLC, as its owner and President. In operation for eight years, the company has spearheaded more than 75 projects, including renovations, new construction, and land planning. The firm has developed a reputation for completing projects ahead of schedule and under budget. At the company, Mr. DiNunzio ensures proper communication between professionals involved and offers logistic support for site operations. In addition, he purchases needed materials and holds responsibility for the budgeting and bidding processes, as well as labor payroll, and invoicing.

While establishing the development firm, Mr. DiNunzio also worked for Coldwell Banker Commercial Atlantic International, where he brokered more than $15 million in commercial and investment real estate. He also has worked as a Manager at Palas Hospitality, in Charleston, and ARAMARK Corporation, in East Rutherford, New Jersey. He maintains licensure as a South Carolina Residential Builder and has become a Certified Commercial Investment Member. Active in his local community, he has provided support to several charities and acted as a mentor to youth.

John David DiNunzio graduated from The Pennsylvania State University, in University Park, with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Management. He minored in business administration. In his free time, he enjoys renovating houses, skiing, and baseball.

CCIMs Predict Significant Growth in International Investment in U.S.

John David DiNunzio leverages more than a decade of real estate experience to lead Berkshire Investment Properties, LLC, and DiNunzio Development, LLC, in Charleston, South Carolina. As an active member of the real estate investment and development industry, John David DiNunzio maintains status as a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM).

The CCIM Institute recently issued a press release stating that CCIMs anticipate a significant increase in international investment in the United States’ commercial real estate market. According to CBRE Research, investment firms in various countries, such as China and Germany, are targeting U.S. real estate as a means to substantial and safe returns. In the press release, a CCIM instructor also notes that increased investment in commercial real estate is beneficial because it promotes low interest rates.

Another CCIM explains that foreign investment in the United States has been ongoing, but the investment amounts and number of interested nations have been steadily rising. With government stability and simple ownership attracting foreign investors to the United States, international investors may encounter a number of challenges in the near future, including asset pricing, a reduced property supply, and investor competition.

National Association of Realtors Hosts 2015 Conference and Expo

Since 2008, John David DiNunzio has operated Berkshire Investment Properties, LLC, in Charleston, South Carolina. The brokerage firm represents both buyers and sellers on real estate transactions in the Southeast. To stay on top of the changing real estate market, John David DiNunzio belongs to several industry-based organizations, including the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

As the country’s largest trade organization, the NAR has more than a million members who belong to at least one of the 1,400 local associations and 54 state and territorial organizations. NAR aims to provide members with the tools they need to represent property owners and arm them with professional development skills.

Members can enhance their real estate knowledge by attending NAR-sponsored events. The 2015 Realtors Conference and Expo, scheduled for November 13-16 at the San Diego Convention Center, brings together nearly 20,000 realtors and guests. Attendees can attend one of more than 100 education sessions, listen to keynote speakers, and visit with more than 400 exhibitors to learn about the latest real estate products and services.

Basic Tips for Real Estate Investment

A graduate of Penn State University, John David DiNunzio earned his bachelor of science degree in hotel, restaurant, and institutional management, with a minor in business administration. The owner of Berkshire Investment Properties, LLC, and DiNunzio Development, LLC, John David DiNunzio has more than 10 years of experience in the real estate investment industry.

An investment type that has the potential for stable, long-term returns, real estate investment has significant differences compared to liquid asset investments like bonds, CDs, and stocks. Due to those differences, there are a number of factors to consider and pitfalls to avoid when making an initial real estate investment.

- Understand the time investment. High maintenance properties or those that require extensive, expensive renovations are rarely good investments, especially for beginners. When considering the price of a real estate investment, look at both its monetary cost and its time cost. Just because it’s less expensive doesn’t mean that it will be more profitable in the long run.

- Research. Look beyond an immediate target for potential real estate investment opportunities. Use online resources to look at properties farther away as well as auction sites, in addition to MLS listings. Also, read recently published books on real estate investment as a business strategy.

- Take it slow. One of the worst mistakes someone can make is sinking a lot of money into an investment to get rich quick before really understanding the work involved or the potential cash flow of the property. Take a long-term view of the situation. Although a property can be a good investment after a period of time, many require a significant amount of initial work - and even more work over the life of the investment. Taking it slow can also help investors understand their true risk balance, which often creates benefits over time.

Considering the Location of a New Home

John David DiNunzio is a real estate investment professional and resident of Charleston, South Carolina. Over the past 10 years, John David DiNunzio has been involved in the land planning, renovation, new construction, and sale of homes and commercial buildings. When seeking out a new home, one of the most important aspects is location. Before deciding to make a purchase, potential homeowners should consider the following three questions about the home’s location:

1. What will the commute entail? While some people have no problem adjusting their schedules to accommodate a longer drive to work from a new home, others may consider this a hindrance. Determine whether the move will shorten or lengthen your daily commute, and then evaluate the adjustments that can be made.

2. Is the home near good schools? Many home buyers make a move to a new house in order to accommodate a growing family. If you and your partner plan on having children in the near future, it is a good idea to research local school districts to make sure they meet your standards.

3. Will your family fit in with the neighborhood? Feeling connected to your community can improve your overall satisfaction with the new home experience. Spend some time in a potential area to make observations and determine whether it is a place where your family could feel at home.

Real Estate Investments in Retirement

A successful real estate investor, John David DiNunzio helps clients buy and sell properties through his brokerage firm Berkshire Investment Properties, LLC. John David DiNunzio focuses on real estate investments in the southeast United States.

Real estate investment can be a profitable, if labor- and capital-intensive, venture. For this reason, investors may be interested in simplifying their portfolios later in life to create a retirement fund. Working with a professional, they can determine what properties are worth selling and identify those that can generate positive and continuous cash flow to sustain future family needs. The goal is to ensure “appropriate diversification of locations and property types,” according to an article by Forbes.

For those looking to stay involved in real estate investment during retirement, transitioning from owning residential homes to commercial properties may simplify obligations. Additionally, hiring a chief financial officer to handle more hands-on tasks will leave an investor with fewer responsibilities. This option may be particularly beneficial if an investor intends to gift their properties to family members as part of an inheritance.

Best Places to Ski in the United States

John David DiNunzio owns Berkshire Investment Properties, LLC, in Charleston, South Carolina, and he focuses on real estate investments in the Southeast. He has bought, renovated, and sold more than 100 properties in the last decade. When he’s not working, John David DiNunzio enjoys skiing and boating.

Avid skiers enjoy traveling the world to find the best slopes and to tackle new mountains. U.S. News & World Report has compiled a list of the top ski destinations in the United States, taking into consideration accessibility, accommodations, acreage, and snowfall. Here are some of the top choices:

1. Lake Tahoe: Full of famous ski areas, including Heavenly Mountain Resort and Squaw Valley Ski Resort, the Lake Tahoe area draws skiers who want to try out new routes as well as take in the stunning views afforded from the mountains.

2. Salt Lake City: The city was fixed up for the winter Olympic Games in 2002 and is still a base for many professionals who practice at Utah Olympic Park. Visitors can watch the professionals, then go skiing themselves at Snowbird Ski Resort in Park City.

3. Telluride: Located in Colorado, Telluride offers 2,000 skiable acres and the enormous Telluride Ski Resort, which provides 125 trails as well as a challenging 4,425-foot vertical drop.

About the Charleston Realtors of Distinction Award

John David DiNunzio is the owner and broker in charge of Berkshire Investment Properties, LLC. John David DiNunzio is also a five-time winner of the Commercial Circle Realtor of Distinction award presented by the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors.

The Realtor of Distinction award is an exclusive honor reserved for the top 10 percent of sales performers among Charleston Realtors. In addition to exceptional sales numbers, awardees are required to meet the organization’s educational requirements. These continued learning prerequisites entail 12 hours per calendar year of courses, seminars, or professional development seminars. Also, eligible candidates must observe strict ethical standards and not have any violations in the past three years.

The four different Realtors of Distinction award categories are Residential, Commercial, First-year and Property Management. A luncheon is held in the first quarter of the year to honor those who achieve the recognition.

The Charleston Trident Association of Realtors serves the real estate needs of the South Carolina’s Lowcountry area.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Influencing Readers More Than 15 Years Later

As the owner and broker in charge of Berkshire Investment Properties, LLC, John David DiNunzio has purchased, refurbished, and sold more than 100 properties in the last decade. In addition to enjoying travel with his family, boating, and skiing, John David DiNunzio lists Rich Dad, Poor Dad as one of his favorite reads.

Published in 2000, Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a book that present author Robert Kiyosaki’s take on personal finance and an argument for the importance of financial literacy. The book has inspired many, and continues to have followers today. Kiyosaki’s premise is that while growing up, he had two father figures, his biological dad and the father of his best friend. A young Kiyosaki grows up witnessing the differences between these two men, from the way they regard money to their investment choices. The book has many lessons. One is that wealth doesn’t necessarily come from a high income. Another lesson is that people don’t need to work for money, rather money should work for them.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad has internationally sold over 27 million copies and is considered by some to be the No. 1 personal finance book of all time.

Qualifications for CCIM Designation

A real estate investment executive based in Charleston, South Carolina, John David DiNunzio owns and operates Berkshire Investment Properties, LLC. John David DiNunzio holds Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation from the CCIM Institute.

An internationally recognized standard for professional achievement in the field of commercial real estate, CCIM designation indicates that the holder has completed upper-level coursework in market and financial analysis. The CCIM pin also requires extensive experience in the commercial real estate sector.

In terms of specific qualifications, CCIM candidates must complete a four-course core curriculum, as well as coursework in negotiation and ethics. Organized by the Ward Center for Real Estate Studies, the CCIM curriculum can vary based on the type of membership sought. Candidates must also submit a portfolio of their professional commercial real estate activities, which can include work products, projects, or transactions. After completing the education component and submitting a portfolio, candidates must pass a full-day exam on concepts from the CCIM core courses.

The Historical and Picturesque Island of Bermuda

Serving the Charleston, South Carolina, market, John David DiNunzio guides Berkshire Investment Properties, LLC. An avid traveler, John David DiNunzio has visited 49 states across the United States and enjoys visits to the Caribbean islands. Among his other favorite island destinations is Bermuda, which is situated off of North Carolina.

Bermuda was settled by the British in the early 17th century. Closely linked with the United Kingdom, the island today is the oldest standing British Overseas Territory. Bermuda is known for its picturesque colonial capital, St. George’s, which was established in 1612. The city has its roots in a Virginia Company of London fleet that wrecked on the island in a storm, en route to Jamestown. Although most of the survivors continued on to Jamestown, the Virginia Company claimed the island and guided development of a town that retains an Old World flavor, with its small lanes and historic buildings.

UNESCO recently recognized St. George’s unique beauty and historical significance by awarding the town’s surrounding fortifications World Heritage Site status. Bermuda is also known for its superlative snorkeling and diving, and the annual humpback whale migration in March and April is a highlight for marine life enthusiasts.

How to Finance Investment Properties: A Beginner’s Guide

Real estate investor John David DiNunzio is the owner of Berkshire Investment Properties, LLC, in Charleston, South Carolina. In his leadership role with the company, John David DiNunzio identifies promising investment properties in the southeastern United States and oversees all financial activities at the brokerage firm.

When it comes to financing an investment property, there are a number of steps that real estate investors can take to maximize their total returns. Although mortgage lenders typically require a minimum down payment of 20 percent, supplying a down payment of 25 percent or more may result in significantly lower interest rates. In the same vein, many investors choose to pursue owner financing, which gives them increased control over the terms of the purchase.

When investors are unable to make a down payment as large as they would like, they often look to small neighborhood banks or mortgage brokers instead of large banks. Smaller lenders typically have a vested interest in local investments, but it is still important to perform all necessary due diligence to assess their credentials.

Understanding the 6-4-3 Double Play in Baseball

John David DiNunzio is the owner of Berkshire Investment Properties, LLC, in Charleston, South Carolina. Outside of his professional endeavors, John David DiNunzio enjoys playing and following baseball.

A number of expressions originating from the sport of baseball have made their way into the cultural lexicon, such as “hitting one out of the park” or “three strikes and you’re out.” However, other expressions used during a game of baseball may confuse audiences. For example, an announcer may describe a series of events as a “6-4-3 double play.”

Each of the nine fielders on a baseball team plays a specific position, such as pitcher or center field. The positions also can be referred to numerically, with the pitcher and catcher taking the one and two slots, respectively, and the outfielders numbering seven through nine, left to right. The infield, meanwhile, includes three through five for the first, second, and third basemen, and finally the number six for the short stop.

With this information, casual fans can start to make sense of the 6-4-3 double play. One of the most common double plays in the sport, the play begins with a runner on first base with no more than one out recorded. The batter hits the ball to the short stop, or six, who then flips the ball to second base, the four slot, for the first out. Finally, the second baseman throws to first to complete the double play. Many double plays end at first base, making the 5-4-3 and 1-4-3 double plays fairly common, as well.