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A longtime psychic medium with many years of experience in the field, John Edward has authored a number of New York Times bestsellers. In addition to the popular books Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories and What If God Were the Sun, he published Practical Praying: Using the Rosary to Enhance Your Life and Infinite Quest, Final Beginnings, After Life: Answers from the Other Side, and One Last Time. John Edward’s newest book, the novel Fallen Masters, hit stores in September of 2012.

In addition to his work as a published author, he has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, People, the Washington Post, and Entertainment Weekly. He has also made appearances on shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, Fox and Friends, Maury, Entertainment Tonight, and The View.

Today, John Edward can still be seen internationally on the syndicated talk shows Crossing Over with John Edward and John Edward Cross Country.

John Edward: Joining The Five

World-renowned medium John Edward has been helping people understand psychic phenomena and connect to those on the Other Side for more than a quarter of a century. In 2011, he branched out from his internationally syndicated talk shows and speaking schedule to start a platform from which he could connect more deeply with his audience. He calls this members-only community The Five.

Joining The Five is simple. Potential members can apply through John Edward’s website,, or mail in a completed membership form. Membership costs $75 per year and is available to anyone in the world over the age of 13. Upon joining, members receive a welcome letter, a coupon, several pins, and a signed book. They also receive access to The Five community, Edward’s Above and Beyond electronic book series, exclusive monthly web events, and member bonuses like drawings and special meet-and-greets. For more information, visit

Psychic John Edward Reveals Ideas About The Afterlife In Online Novel

Psychic John Edward, host of the interactive online community The Five, has penned a new novel, Above and Beyond, that explores tough questions about life and death. The online novel is exclusively available as a benefit to members of The Five. Although the novel was released in chapters, it is now complete and members can now read Above and Beyond in its entirety.

In the novel, John Edward seeks to satisfy human curiosity about the afterlife. The book covers the author’s thoughts on what happens after we die, who we are with, and where we go. Told through the eyes of several characters who are working through their afterlife experiences, readers have an engaging opportunity to reflect on what their own afterlife might be like. Those who have read it the book have described it as emotional, humorous, and enlightening.

In order to read the novel, join John Edward’s online community, located at this link:

The Monthly Chances to Win Prizes as a Member of “The Five”

John Edward, the celebrated psychic medium, maintains an exclusive online community known as “The Five,” which provides a range of benefits for members, such as access to his new show, Evolve. All members of “The Five” also have the opportunity to win several different prizes each month. At least 20 individuals win on a monthly basis, and the community provides extra giveaways at times. These prizes include:

- Private phone readings with John Edward.
- Chances to post questions for him on the website for “The Five.”
- Free appreciation packs, which include a variety of products related to psychic Edward.
- Complimentary pairs of tickets to John Edward events in nearby areas.

Paid members of “The Five” receive automatic entries each month. To receive an answer to a question, members must post their questions online at Each month’s winners will be posted online on or before the 10th of the month. Staff members will contact members who have won a free reading.

One Last Time Describes John Edward’s Journey To Becoming A Psychic

John Edward, a New York Times bestselling author, has captivated audiences with titles such as “Fallen Masters” and his online novel “Above and Beyond.” Psychic John Edward also has written a memoir that recounts his journey to realizing his psychic gifts called “One Last Time.”

In the novel, Edward gives a compelling account of how he left a career in public health administration as he came to grips with his psychic abilities. Despite a promising career in hospital management, he felt constantly pulled by his experiences of aura perception, astro-traveling, premonitions, and communication with the dead.

To answer the questions of people who are skeptical of his supernatural talents, the author explains precisely what he experiences during a reading through the senses of sight, hearing, and touch. He also describes how spirits communicate with him, including voice, sound, images, sensations, and even smells and tastes.

While the book’s anecdotes might not convince hard-core cynics of the existence of psychic powers, the effort Edward has made to explain his gifts will entertain and fascinate most readers. Read synopses of all of the author’s books at

"Above and Beyond" is John Edward's Latest Novel

Famous medium John Edward has been sharing his psychic gifts and abilities with the world for more than 25 years, helping people communicate with loved ones who have crossed over to the other side and predicting future events with uncanny accuracy. John Edward is also a published novelist, with several books to his name. His latest book, "Above and Beyond," is an online serialized novel available exclusively to the members of EVOLVE (formerly known as The FIVE), his online community.

Completed in 2012, "Above and Beyond" features Jack Richman, a scientist and writer with a beautiful wife and a successful career, who seemingly has it all until he dies in a natural gas explosion in South Africa. He wakes up on the other side and gradually begins to come to terms with the afterlife. While "Above and Beyond" is a work of fiction, it addresses some of the deepest spiritual and philosophical issues of the universe through an engaging cast of characters and is simultaneously humorous, insightful, and touching in its exploration of life, death, and love. You can find "Above and Beyond" at

Benefits of Joining the Evolve Community

A popular and highly regarded psychic medium, John Edward has hosted numerous live events and private readings and has authored a number of books. Also the creator of a weekly e-mail newsletter and regular online broadcasts, John Edward hosts a members-only community known as Evolve.

Evolve is an excellent way for John Edward's fans and supporters to connect with his work on a deeper level. Members receive direct access to his weekly webcast, also called Evolve, through which he shares his experiences of the Other Side. The website also features readings with randomly selected members.

Members of Evolve receive the chance to win one of five free private readings per month, a service valued at $850 for non-members. An additional five members are invited to ask a question that Mr. Edward then answers, while five more are welcomed to his studio to witness a live taping. Yet another five members receive complimentary tickets to live events, while all members receive the benefit of an after-event meet and greet session that features an intimate discussion as well as a question and answer session.

Member Information for Evolve with John Edward

John Edward, a renowned medium, has hosted television shows and appeared on many network programs, offering his talents and services to those wishing to communicate with friends and family members who are deceased. Through his interactive community, Evolve with John Edward, members receive exclusive access to weekly shows and newsletters.

Evolve with John Edward provides access to past shows as well as weekly episodes that may be watched live or saved for later. Members also can participate in shows for randomly selected readings. Upon joining Evolve, members receive an autographed book and a coupon for 25 percent off any purchase from the website’s online store. Each month, members are selected for free phone readings and tickets to events. Membership also provides the opportunity to be selected to share a meal with Mr. Edward and participate with other members in intimate reading sessions.

To join Evolve, web users simply create an account with a username, password, and contact information. Memberships are paid for online via the secure payment system offered on

John Edward’s One Last Time - Demystifying Life as a Psychic Medium

Respected as a psychic medium John Edward has appeared extensively in the media, on shows ranging from The Dr. Oz Show to Dr. Phil. His website features his extensive touring schedule, as well as links to his Facebook page and weekly Evolve webcast. John Edward’s well-received book One Last Time is offered for sale on the site.

In writing a book about his experiences as a psychic medium, Mr. Edward acknowledges the skepticism that many people feel toward those who claim to have the ability to communicate with individuals on the Other Side. He urges a “skeptical, though not cynical,” approach in separating genuine psychics from charlatans.

Mr. Edward writes movingly about his own gradual path to coming to terms with his psychic abilities, which encompass premonitions, visualizing auras, and astro-traveling. This pathway came to him unbidden and despite a university background in public health and administration. Mr. Edward also attempts to demystify the process by which he is able to speak with spirits who communicate in a number of ways, from direct images and voices to symbolic forms that must be deciphered.

The Above and Beyond Book Series

A renowned psychic medium, John Edward has more than 25 years of experience. In particular, John Edward uses his psychic abilities to reach out to people who have passed away. Through his online web series and interactive community known as Evolve, John Edward keeps in touch with his followers and disseminates helpful information to people interested in mediumship.

Upon subscribing to Evolve, members receive a welcome package that includes access to John Edward's recently completed book, Above and Beyond.

Above and Beyond is a novel that seeks to answer questions about life after death. The book follows the fictional story of Jack Richman, a respected scientist, author, and family man who is killed by an explosion during a work trip to Johannesburg, South Africa. The author uses Richman's experiences to teach readers about where we go after death and who is with us while we are still on earth.

The online novel cannot be downloaded or purchased at this point by anyone outside of The Evolve community. For more information on Evolve and Above and Beyond, visit

What Happens during a Reading by a Psychic Medium?

John Edward has gained a large following as a psychic medium with an ability to communicate with those who are deceased. In addition to hosting a television program, John Edward has written a book titled One Last Time which details his journey as a psychic medium.

Psychic mediums have the ability to connect with those who have “crossed over.” In so doing, they provide comfort to those looking for evidence that life continues after death. To offer this evidence, psychic mediums may discuss topics that only the individual and the deceased loved one shared, such as an event, a special object, or a preference. Some psychic mediums even convey messages from the deceased to their loved ones.

Psychic mediums accomplish this by communicating either with their own spirit guide or with that of the person consulting them. In some cases, the spirit guide is a loved one who has crossed over, but other times the guide is someone the individual seeking the reading never met during his or her present incarnation. Those who seek a reading should know that psychic mediums cannot guarantee contact with their loved one, but that even if contact is not made they can still gain comfort and valuable insight through a reading.

Connecting with John Edward

A New York Times best-selling author, television personality, and lecturer, John Edward has more than 24 years of experience as a psychic medium. As a psychic medium, John Edward continues to connect with people at live events all around the world and through his personal website.

Ways to keep up with Mr. Edward, include his newsletter and the members-only subscription program Evolve. The email newsletter is free and has general information about international tour dates, local events, and private readings. It also often contains other educational material he wishes to pass along to his newsletter subscribers.

Evolve, which began in 2011 as The Five, is a much more involved program that goes beyond the newsletter and into the realm of an online interactive community. One year of Evolve membership costs approximately $99 and may be accessed through First-time members receive a welcome letter, two rose appreciation pins, one members-only Evolve pin, a free book, and a 25 percent-off coupon to the online store.

Evolve gives members an experience like the Crossing Over television show, with weekly episodes posted on every Sunday. Members get the full experience: not only does he select random members for readings, but they may also ask questions and participate in meet-and-greets, among other exclusive content and events.

John Edward to Hold Live Events in the Lone Star State

Preeminent psychic medium John Edward reaches individuals through online community Evolve, where registered members can view new episodes of Evolve with John Edward posted every Sunday morning at 10 a.m. EST. He also hosts live events, during which he performs readings, participates in question-and-answer sessions, and delivers communications from the other side.

Tickets for these two-hour live events cost $100. VIP tickets, on the other hand, cost $175 and include a one-year membership to Evolve and the opportunity to stay after the event for “Just Five More,” an intimate question-and-answer session attended by Mr. Edward and fellow Evolve members that lasts at least 20 minutes. Following “Just Five More,” VIP ticket holders can meet Mr. Edward and take a photo with him.

Individuals in the state of Texas will soon have the opportunity to experience these events, as John Edward has scheduled a four-city tour of the Lone Star State set to take place in the spring. From May 31 to June 3, 2017, he will visit Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. For tickets to these events, visit

Major Intuitive Abilities and Clairs

John Edward, operator of, and host of the Evolve web series, is a psychic who uses his abilities to work as a medium. Mediums such John Edward use several forms of psychic talent to communicate with the dead, which usually express themselves in the form of clairs.

The major intuitive abilities are sometimes referred to as clairs, and they represent the ability to clearly perceive something which would otherwise be impossible to know. Clairvoyance, for example, is a form of psychic vision that can range from the mental perception of a simple symbol to a full premonition or remote perception of an event. Clairsentience, meanwhile, takes the form of intuitive feelings or emotions. These may be impressions of emotions from other individuals or from settings as a whole.

Less commonly explored are clairaudience, which involves the hearing of words or ideas from a great distance, or from a spirit, without one's physical ears, and claircognizance, which represents an immediate knowledge that something is true that is later proven correct.

These abilities have some crossover, as messages are purveyed to different psychics in different formats. The common thread is that their provision of knowledge that could not be gained in other ways.

John Edward's Upcoming Events in Australia

The former host of the internationally acclaimed show Crossing Over, psychic medium John Edward has also authored several best-selling books, including Crossing Over: The Stories behind the Stories and After Life: Answers from the Other Side. He now hosts the online community Evolve and speaks at events throughout the world. John Edward is planning to tour Australia on the following dates in 2017.

When: November 4, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Where: Hamer Hall, 100 Saint Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria

When: November 7, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Where: Her Majesty's Theatre, 58 Grote Street, Adelaide, South Australia

When: November 11, from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Where: Specific location to be determined Brisbane, Queensland

When: November 12, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Where: State Theatre, 49 Market Street, Sydney, New South Wales

When: November 14, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Where: Perth at Riverside Theatre in the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, 21 Mounts Bay Road, Perth, Western Australia

When: November 16, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Where: Specific location to be determined, Cairns, Queensland

These meetings are reading-intensive events and will feature question-and-answer sessions. To learn more about upcoming events, visit

Good Reasons to Sign Up for John Edward’s Evolve Membership

John Edward travels around the world using his abilities as a psychic medium to facilitate connections between people on Earth and their loved ones who have crossed over to the other side. Fans of John Edward who are familiar with his work may be interested in heading to and becoming a member of his online community, Evolve, for several reasons.

One of the best reasons to join Evolve is that members are able to view exclusive content through an online portal. Though the medium’s show Crossing Over is no longer on television, the online Evolve show provides members with the opportunity to watch the medium interact with and give readings to his home audience on a weekly basis. Joining Evolve also gives members the opportunity to be among the individuals whom the medium calls during the web show.

Another good reason to join Evolve is that members earn a free book as well as two appreciation pins and a coupon for 25 percent off of any merchandise in the store. This merchandise includes the medium’s New York Times Bestselling book One Last Time, along with journals, jewelry, candles, and DVD sets.

Practical Praying - John Edward’s Guide to Using the Rosary

World-renowned for his skills as a medium, John Edward has traveled around the globe to reconnect people to the loved ones they have known. In addition to live events, John Edward offers an online community through Evolve. He has also written a number of books to help individuals deal with everyday issues.

Many of his books focus on spiritual fulfillment, such as Practical Praying: Using the Rosary to Enhance Your Life. This book looks at the power of the rosary for focusing thoughts and inspiring creativity. When life feels dark, individuals can use prayer to illuminate their way.

Practical Praying is divided into three sections. In the first, readers learn about the history of the rosary and explore the basic concepts of prayer. Then, in the second section, Edward explores the connection between prayer and the rosary more deeply. Finally, the third section is an audio CD that helps individuals engage in the practical aspects of praying.

Individuals who order the book from receive a free wallet rosary card. On the site, individuals can also learn more about his other books, including the New York Times Bestsellers, Crossing Over and After Life.

John Edward's Evolve Community

A renowned psychic medium, John Edward is the former host of the internationally syndicated show Crossing Over with John Edward. He has since started an online community called Evolve.

The Evolve community serves as a way for Mr. Edward to connect with followers of his online series, Evolve with John Edward. Every Sunday morning at 10, members can watch a new episode of the show, during which viewers are randomly called for readings. Membership also comes with access to an archive of all previous episodes.

By joining the Evolve community, individuals may be chosen for questions or readings or attend meet-and-greet sessions after live events. They also receive a welcome package that includes a free book, a welcome letter, an Evolve membership pin, two rose appreciation pins, and a coupon for a 25 percent discount to the store at, which offers a number of books, including Practical Praying: Using the Rosary to Enhance Your Life and Above & Beyond. Annual membership costs $99, which comes to just $8.25 per month.

Fallen Masters

John Edward is well-known psychic medium and lecturer on the subject of paranormal phenomena. Information about his latest appearances can be found on his official website, In addition to his accomplishments as a public speaker, John Edward is the bestselling author of the novel Fallen Masters.

Described as a “riveting novel of metaphysical suspense,” Fallen Masters features multiple interwoven narratives that follow characters including a surgeon, an international pop star, and the president of the United States. As a dark energy threatens to destroy mankind, the personal decisions these characters make could be the difference between life and death.

The book builds to a climax that pits good against evil on both the earthly plane and the realm known as “the Other Side.” New York City publisher Tor Books released Fallen Masters in 2013. The 528-page novel is available from major booksellers in hardcover, paperback, and audiobook formats.

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