John Green


Why did he start writing?

This young adult fiction author won the 2006 Michael L. Printz Award for Looking for Alaska, which was his first novel. John Green has been writing since a young age.When he was around ten years old, he thought that he was the only human in the world and everyone else were aliens. He then began reading books made by humans like him. He thought that they were interesting so he began writing some of his own things. His first novel wasn't made until 2005. Even when John didn't feel that his writing was good, he kept writing. He never thought that he would write for a living.

How does he get ideas for his books?

When writing a book, John Green thinks about little ideas. He takes all the little ideas he has and soon they form a book.

What does john do in his free time?

John loves to be on tumblr, hang out with his family and especially write in his free time.

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