John Gregory Ohio - Change Agent

There is a certain type of person who is more likely to get up and do something when it comes to finding solutions to problems. It might be anything from a social issue to a business or political matter, but they are the ones who are going to find answers to problems and try to get them implemented.

Such people are commonly referred to as change agents, or catalysts for change, and they typically share some common personality traits. They are not necessarily people who have any amount of formal authority, but they do share a clear vision of the problems that concern them, and clear ideas about addressing those issues for the better. They also have the ability to communicate their ideas to others, and often are charismatic people who can motivate others to take action.

Changes agents are usually patient, but also persistent. They know that they can't solve the issues they care about with a wave of their hand, but they also understand what Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu meant when he said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

They know that to affect change, they need to ask tough questions, and connect people emotionally to their message. It is only when people are emotionally attached that they will move ahead. Change agents also know what they are talking about: they are knowledgeable and lead by example, and inspire trust in the people they are trying to reach.

John Gregory Ohio is the Founder and CEO of the National Center for Urban Solutions and is an agent for change who has become known as "The Solutions Man," for his ability to identify and help resolve serious urban issues.

John Gregory Ohio - Wellness Walk

Every year African American men die younger than they should, because they succumb to diseases that could have been prevented. The Centers for Disease Control say that they leading causes of premature death among African American men include heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and kidney disease. These diseases occur in black Americans with greater frequency than they do white Americans.

African American men develop high blood pressure earlier in life than to white men. Nearly forty-two percent of black men aged twenty and older develop high blood pressure. Black men also have much higher rates of cancer death than do white men – forty percent higher.

It is only natural that scientists wonder about the reason why this should be. Genetics, they say, plays a definite role in this, and so does the environment in which people live. Socioeconomic status plays a role, and so does racism, according to an Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. He says that all of us are vulnerable to the same illnesses, and disease rates and the response to treatment varies among individuals. But there are some issues that are unique to African Americans; he says that the way medicine is practiced and the availability of healthcare can be arbitrary, to the detriment of black Americans.

The African American Male Wellness Walk was founded by John Gregory, the founder and CEO of the National Center for Urban Solutions. The AAMWW seeks to raise awareness for preventable health diseases in African American men. What began as an event in one city has now spread to others across the country, and it gains more momentum each year. The 2015 marks the eleventh edition of the AAMWW. African American men receive free health screenings that in some cases detect previously unknown health issues. The walk is scheduled for Saturday, August 8th.

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