John Kai Lassen

Wilmington, Delaware, Alternative Financing Executive John Kai Lassen

About John Kai Lassen

With a background spanning the law and US military service, John Kai Lassen guides Wilmington, Delaware-based Rockwick Capital LLC, as managing director. Engaged in commercial, industrial, and energy projects valued at a minimum of $100 million, he arranges structured financing through the alternate finance market. Among John Kai Lassen’s areas of expertise are equity and collateralized project finance as well as funding through corporate bonds. Never charging on an up-front basis, his motivated team receives compensation solely based on completion of financing transactions.

Kai Lassen served as an officer in the US Navy and was decorated for his service in the Vietnam War. He subsequently earned his JD at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and joined the Manhattan firm of Lord Day & Lord. As a Delaware corporate finance attorney for many years, he engaged with nationwide business transactions and served as registered bond counsel. In the latter capacity, Kai Lassen focused on facilitating complex financing for clients through the issuance of bonds.

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