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Kansas City Corporate Litigation Attorney

About John Kennyhertz

As partner with Kennyhertz Perry, LLC, John C. Kennyhertz assists clients throughout the greater Kansas City region. His emphasis is on serving the compliance and litigation needs of individuals and organizations operating in highly regulated sectors. John Kennyhertz also provides companies of all sizes experienced counsel in for all their transactional needs. He helps negotiate complex contracts and guides joint ventures, as well as mergers and acquisition processes.

Johnny C. Kennyhertz earned his BS in business management at the University of Kansas and completed his JD at the Washburn University School of Law. As a law student, he taught coursework on contracts and participated in the institution’s law trial team. Beginning his career with Wallace, Saunders, Austin, Brown and Enochs, Johnny Kennyhertz handled diverse cases spanning workers’ compensation and insurance defense. He subsequently worked as General Counsel for the MacFarlane Group for a number of years, with a corporate focus spanning several industries. Kennyhertz then served as general counsel with a Kansas City based private equity firm prior to establishing his current firm.

What Are the Basics of Contract Law in the United States?

John C. Kennyhertz, JD, a partner with the boutique business and litigation law firm Kennyhertz Perry, LLC, provides legal counsel and litigation services for matters related to contract law. Contract law varies from state to state, but implementation of the law through transactions of goods and services has become standardized across the nation by means of the Uniform Commercial Code. Contract law also serves as a method of consumer protection, an area with which John “Johnny” Kennyhertz has prior experience.

A contract is an express or implied agreement characterized by mutual obligation between two or more parties. It is enforceable by law. Every contract is characterized by a legal purpose, mutual assent, legally competent parties, and consideration. Contracts may be invalidated in the case of a mistake in the goods or services being exchanged, misrepresentation of the exchanged goods and services, exertion of undue influence and duress on one or more of the parties to contract, and illegality of the contract if its terms are in conflict with other laws. If there is a breach of contract, the wronged parties may be awarded damages or monetary compensation for their troubles, as well as the price of the goods under contract.

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