John Kresevic - On Starting Your Own Business

John Kresevic is a big believer in professional, interpersonal communication. These skills are hard to perfect and gaining experience is key to moving forward in your own business ventures. Kresevic believes there are factors that are key when building a business, particularly in the mortgage lending industry.

John Kresevic has personally found that communicating in a professional setting is a vital part of the learning process. Building ongoing relationships with people who can help you and your business is especially important, for ongoing and future successes.

Budgeting is also a really imperative skill. As a professional business leader, gaining an understanding of how your operating budget works will place you highly; financially and for goal setting purposes. There will be many decisions made based on your income stream. Expenditure needs constant monitoring to allow for the current and future modeling of financial structuring, as a whole.

Another important factor is leadership. Leadership should be a way of life for any successful entrepreneur. Kresevic learned early on that leadership takes many forms. Some of the traits denoted by a good leader include: excellent listening skills, assertive decision-making abilities, time dedication, passion for the industry, relationship building, adding to knowledge base and incorporating vision.

John Kresevic plans on opening his own mortgage business within his community sometime in the near future. He currently works as an Executive Loan Officer for Forthright Funding in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was formerly the Regional Vice President for Quicken Loans; winning Director of the Year in 2013 for the company. Overseeing a twenty million dollar annual sales team, he has achieved remarkable success.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic - The Importance of Professional Networking

Networking is an important part of most professions. John Kresevic is a mortgage professional who has seven years of experience. He graduated from Arizona State University in 2008 and immediately began his career in the mortgage industry. He has an excellent work ethic and always works hard to reach his goals. He began his career with Quicken Loans in Arizona, and quickly rose within the company. In 2014, he began working with Forthright Funding as an executive loan officer. He is an ambitious and dedicated professional who is knowledgeable about the mortgage industry. A great way to succeed in this industry, or the financial industry, is to network with other professionals.

Networking can help you find potential employers. If you are new to the financial industry, you should begin networking as soon as possible. Ideally, you should start networking while you are still a student. It is a great idea to attend professional conferences and seminars while you are still in school. These events will expose you to current research and practices within your industry. You may also get the opportunity to meet established professionals. Going through this networking process can help you meet representatives from different companies, and maybe find a job after you graduate.

A great tip for succeeding in this industry is to find a mentor. One way to accomplish that is to network. If you spend your time meeting new people in your industry, you will begin to build valuable business connections. These connections can lead to a job and a mentor. Working with an experienced professional can help you hone your skills and learn about your industry. You should take the time to network so that you can begin working with the veterans of your field. A mentor could help you boost your career by teaching you and by recommending you for positions within your company or with another company.

Professional associations and organizations can be highly beneficial for professionals in the financial and mortgage industries. These organizations can help you meet others in your field. Professional associations frequently host events, seminars, and conferences. They also provide their members with valuable resources and information. Joining a professional association is a great way to network within your industry. You will meet others who represent a variety of companies. You will also have opportunities to learn and develop your industry knowledge.

Every professional should develop their networking skills. This process is an important part of the financial industry. Professionals who work in business and finance often depend on their connections to find future employment opportunities and to gain new clients. John Kresevic is a hardworking and dedicated mortgage professional. He has great networking skills and he dreams of opening his own mortgage company.

John Kresevic - Three Tips to Finding the Perfect Mortgage Broker

John Kresevic left Quicken Loans in 2014 after becoming the fastest riser to Regional Vice President in the company’s history. He was also the youngest Regional Vice President in the company’s history before he left for Forthright Funding in Scottsdale, Arizona. Kresevic is an excellent mortgage broker with the skills and experience to help homeowners get the best possible mortgage loan rates possible. He has three tips for finding mortgage brokers like him amongst many brokers that often don’t have their clients’ best interests in mind:

  • Read the fine print of the mortgage contract. This should go without saying, but when you’re in the market for a mortgage lender, pay special attention to “earnest money” and “good faith” deposits to start the loan process. Ask mortgage lenders like John Kresevic about estimated closing costs, points, loan origination fees, and more.
  • Get your credit score in shape. As a general rule, you should be checking your credit score every year to see where you stand. Before you go to a mortgage lender like John Kresevic, make sure you are going in with the best possible score. Resolve any outstanding issues that may be negatively affecting it before you show it to a lender.
  • Check and use referrals. A few real estate experts like realtors and agents can usually point you in the right direction of good mortgage lenders. Check up on a few that they recommend and ask the mortgage lenders themselves to provide references if possible.

John Kresevic plans to start his own mortgage lending company in Scottsdale someday.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic - Solving Problems

John Kresevic

John Kresevic is a loan officer at Forthright Funding in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a graduate of Arizona State University and spent seven years learning the mortgage business at Quicken Loans. He aspires to own his own mortgage company one day.

"What makes me different is my ability to decipher problems, solve them quickly, and communicate the solution to others in order to solve the problem," says John Kresevic. "I provide information for clients looking to refinance their homes, answer emails up until 11 PM at night, and respond to all communication within a few hours at the most no matter what day of the week it is."

This commitment to his clients, and the ability to focus on and resolve problems, is among the traits that sets John Kresevic apart. These skills have been a tremendous asset to his career. Problems are a regular part of his work day, and like any good problem solver he is also a good thinker. He has learned to see problems as challenges and to view them objectively.

As he knows, there are essentially four steps to problem solving: defining the problem, coming up with alternatives, evaluating and selecting from those alternatives, and implementing solutions. Seeing problems, or challenges, in terms of four steps has served him well in many situations. It has taught him to look for opportunities within the problem and to understand the difference between complex and simple issues, and to do a systematic evaluation of whatever issue or set of issues are at hand. And at the end of the day, he is able to visualize the worst case scenario, work through it, and apply the logic and intuition that resolves it.

John Kresevic - Three Common Mortgage Shopping Mistakes

John Kresevic is an experienced and young professional in the financial services industry. At the age of 23 he was leading the top sales team at Quicken Loans. The team made $20 million annually and was named the Quicken Loans Sales Team of the Year in 2012 and 2013.

John Kresevic’s success and experience allows him to see the common mistakes that customers make when shopping for mortgages. Here are three of those mistakes to avoid.

  • The first mistake often made is customers neglect to check their credit score before applying for a mortgage. Credit reports are one of the most important factors that decide whether a customer qualifies for a good interest rate. Credit reports are thoroughly investigated by mortgage lenders and it is important for customers to check their credit score before they apply.
  • It is not wise nor is it recommended to apply for a new credit card while simultaneously applying for a mortgage. Applying for a new credit card temporarily causes credit scores to dip. A credit dip reflects poorly on the customer when they are applying for a mortgage.
  • The third most common mistake made by customers applying for a mortgage is they fail to shop around before settling on a lender. Mortgage lenders are able to offer different rates and it’s wise for customers to shop around to make sure that they are receiving the best rate possible. Customers should ask homeowner friends about their experience with their mortgage lenders.

John Kresevic is now an Executive Loan Officer at Forthright Funding in Scottsdale, Arizona.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic - Three Tips for Leading a Successful Sales Team

John Kresevic was the youngest Regional Vice President at Quicken Loans. He was hired at the age of 22, and by 23 he was leading a sales team that pulled in $20 million annually. His team was named the Quicken Loans Sales Team of the Year in 2012 and 2013. His success was down to the fact that he knew how to manage and encourage his team. Here are three tips for leading a successful sales team.

  • Sales team leaders need to set the bar high if they want their team to succeed. High goals provide team members with belief. Even though only complete three-quarters of the goal, they are still accomplishing goals that are worth more than mediocre goals. This creates a collective belief throughout the team.
  • Sales team leaders should create incentives for the teams to succeed. Set up an award system for high performing members. Or set up a few screens around the office that display live updates when deals have been closed. Keep track of the monthly dollar value brought in each month and push the team to beat those totals every month.
  • Lastly, sales team leaders need to invest time in training their team members. Continuous learning should be apart of the team culture. Provide training and professional development opportunities whenever possible. Successful sales teams are ones that always strive to improve and never settle for what they’ve already accomplished.

John Kresevic currently works for Forthright Funding as an Executive Loan Officer in Scottsdale, Arizona.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic: The Importance of Trust

John Kresevic

John Kresevic is an experienced loan officer who currently works at Forthright Funding in Scottsdale, Arizona.

He began his career with Quicken Loans shortly after he graduated from Arizona State University in 2008. He was good at what he did with Quicken, and rose faster within the company than anyone else in its history."

As a loan officer, John Kresevic understands that he is dealing with some of the most important and far-reaching issues in the lives of his clients, from financing a new home or a college education, or buying a new car. "In the mortgage industry trust in whom you're working with is extremely important," he says, "and trust [that] you're getting accurate advice and information. Knowing that I worked my way up at one of the largest mortgage companies in America quicker than anybody else in their history proves I can get the job done – and get it done well."

As a loan officer, John Kresevic advises, evaluates, and authorizes loans to individuals and businesses alike. As he knows, the profession involves a great deal of paperwork and managing logistics, but as a detail-oriented person who is committed to his work, this is a discipline that he has long since mastered. Borrowing money is a huge step and can be very nerve-wracking on his clients.

As someone who deals with these matters on a daily basis it would be simple to start taking it all for granted, but John Kresevic is able to remember that each client is an individual case, and he is skilled at making each one feel comfortable. "Great service and impeccable knowledge about the mortgage industry," a client commented on John Kresevic after a positive experience with him at Quicken. "I would absolutely refer Mr. Kresevic to friends and family!"

John Kresevic: The Quiz Bowl

John Kresevic

John Kresevic is a hardworking man who is currently a loan officer in Scottsdale, Arizona, but aspires to eventually have a mortgage company of his own. With his years of experience in the mortgage industry, and his focus on success, he is confident that he can guide a company of his own to great heights.

When he isn't on the job, John Kresevic is likely to pursue his longtime interest in history. "I spend a lot of time reading historical books, and autobiographies about generals from history," he says. "Specifically, the Civil War, World War Two, and ancient Rome are specific interests."

This interest of John Kresevic was evident as far back as his high school days. "During high school I joined our ‘quiz bowl' team which competed against other schools based off trivia, and I was selected due to my thorough knowledge of history, wars, historical figures, etc. To me this was a very big step because I hung out with the ‘cool kids' and the cool kids didn't do something like quiz bowl with the ‘nerdy' kids, which took a lot for me to actually commit to. However, this goes into part of what I stand for as a person which is rooting for the underdog, and always throwing in your lot with the team that needed the most help."

He says this trait also showed itself in pickup basketball games or football games, when he and his friends were always the best players. There were always ten or so less skilled players on hand to make up their pickup teams. "Each day I would take the other ten kids and challenge the seven friends at football at recess, because to me it wasn't fair to stack the teams and to just beat the worst athletes," John Kresevic recalls. "That is another thing, looking back, I'm extremely proud of, and I think helped me throughout my career."

John Kresevic  Three Important Skills Loan Officers Have

John Kresevic is an Executive Loan Officer at Forthright Funding in Scottsdale, Arizona. Loan officers are responsible for evaluating loan applications and documentation, meeting clients, rejecting or accepting loans, maintaining customer relationships, and more. Loan officers require skills that can be used in a variety of jobs, making them flexible and valuable members of the workforce.

Here are three specific skills that loan officers possess.

  • Loan officers must have good active listening skills. They have to be able to give their full attention to customers and understand what they are saying. They have to be able to ask appropriate questions based on what they have learned about the customer, and understand when it is appropriate and inappropriate to interrupt.
  • Loan Officers must have excellent communication skills. Their verbal and written skills must be at a high level. Verbal communication skills are especially important because they have to be able to explain complex and industry specific information to clients in a clear and effective manner.
  • Reading comprehension skills is a very important skill that loan officers possess. They process complex documents on a daily basis and they must be able to understand the contents of these documents. Their comprehension of documents can ultimately be a deciding factor whether a client is approved for a loan or not.

John Kresevic previously worked for Quicken Loans. At the age of 23 he was leading a sales team that made $20 million annually. At the age of 27 he was the youngest ever Regional Vice President at the company.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic - Three Marketing Tips for Loan Officers

John Kresevic is an Executive Loan Officer with Forthright Funding in Scottsdale, Arizona. One aspect of his job is to stay in touch with organizations and individuals who have client referrals. Real estate agents, developers, financial institutions, and past clients often are the main sources for new clients. To receive referrals, though, John Kresevic must present himself in a way that exhibits why clients would want to work with him. Marketing tools and ideas are therefore important for loan officers.

Here are three marketing tips for loan officers.

  • Email is still an effective marketing tool for loan officers to use. The content in an email needs to be personal and contain information that a client would want to read. Emails should not be selling a product. Instead they should be designed to help the potential client. Emails could be about new trends in the market or an interesting article about the industry. Loan officers can utilize the services of marketing companies to screen and development email content.
  • Loan officers should become smartphone and tablet friendly. Their online content should be easily viewable and user friendly on a cell phone and a tablet. This means that website and email design needs to be tailor fitted towards these devices.
  • It is important that loan officers use the right graphics to consistently brand their selves. The graphic used by a loan officer, speaks loudly about their branding. Using the wrong graphics can sway a customer away from the loan officer. Loan officers should avoid using corporate stock art and instead consider using images of the city they are in, for example.
John Kresevic

John Kresevic - The Perks of Working in the Mortgage Industry

John Kresevic is an Executive Loan Officer for Forthright Funding who has had a quick rise in the mortgage industry within his eight-year career that started as soon as he graduated college at the age of 22. Quicken Loans was the first company to pick him up, and his promotions reflected a true industry professional. Within his first two years, he became the Director of Mortgage Banking. After five years, he was promoted to Regional Vice President. Kresevic loves working in this industry for several reasons, some of which are shared below:

Helping Others Succeed

John Kresevic enjoys being in a position where he can lead others to succeed. Having led sales and administrative teams, he has been able to inspire others and grow them professionally. Watching others succeed under his lead is one of the biggest perks of the job.

Putting a Home Over Peoples’ Heads

The other great benefit of John Kresevic’s job is that he gets to go home everyday knowing that he has helped others through providing them with the loans they need to secure their dream homes.

John Kresevic enjoys working in the mortgage industry for a number of reasons; however these stand high on the list as added benefits of his job.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic - The Importance of Staying in Shape

John Kresevic is an Executive Loan Officer who devotes his life to helping others be successful and also helps provide dream homes for people. In order to keep up with his busy lifestyle, he has to stay in shape so that he upkeeps his physical health. He goes to this gym five days a week to do exactly that.

Staying in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t just something that’s important when it affects your job, it’s important for everyone. There are many ways a person can maintain their physical healthy, including running, swimming, skiing, or playing tennis. All of these activities revolve around cardiovascular healthy, which will not only enhance the length of your life, but help you maintain a positive attitude as well. Working out is good for the body and the brain because it allows oxygen rich blood to travel to parts of the body whose blood has a hard time flowing. Cardiovascular exercises strengthen the heart, which is the most important muscle in the body.

John Kresevic believes that staying in shape has greatly enriched his life and career. He has been able to stay healthy while performing in a demanding, and sometimes stressful, job that yields several benefits for him and his family.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic  Tips For Traveling Beginners

John Kresevic is an Executive Loan Officer who has visited a number of states and continents. He is committed to his career in the mortgage industry, but he loves to travel. He has always been passionate about traveling and experiencing different cultures. He learned quickly that being prepared had a major impact on the outcome of his travels, and he has learned exactly what to do in any situation.

Traveling takes preparation, especially when you plan on traveling to a different country. Not only is what you bring with you incredibly important, but also how you behave in a foreign culture is incredibly important as well. Cultures have varying customs that can change drastically simply by stepping over a border. You need to understand the people you are going to be surrounded by before you enter their home. One of the biggest tips he provides beginners is to have respect for the different culture; you are a visitor in a different territory, and it is important to learn from the local people around you.

John Kresevic believes that as long as you have respect for the place you’re traveling to, and you understand what it means to be a part of that culture, you will be fine.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic is a huge fan of fantasy football, and he has gone through again and again the numbers for this past 2015 season, already brewing his ideas for next season’s draft. In order to have a strong fantasy team, all starting players need to be considered before filling up a bench. This includes defense and kickers, who have also been very impactful in fantasy matchups. Below are the highest-scoring players for those categories.

Defense: The Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos has been dominating opposing offenses all year, and many speculate that the defense has carried this team to the Super Bowl. The fantasy points put up by this squad tells a similar story, as they were the cause of many turnovers and scored points. With star defensemen like Von Miller, Aqib Talib, Malik Jackson disrupting and sometimes completely shutting down quarterbacks, this defense has proven to be the strongest in recent history.

Kicker: Stephen Gostkowski

The Patriots kicker has been accurate and consistent throughout the entire football season, averaging more than ten points per game in some leagues. And having a high-scoring offense doesn’t hurt, either; as the opportunities for him to kick one between the posts are ample.

John Kresevic is going to keep these picks, and more, in mind for next year’s fantasy draft.

John Kresevic - Best Kickers and Defense for 2015 Fantasy Football

John Kresevic

John Kresevic - What he can Offer to New Clients

John Kresevic wants to open his own mortgage lending business someday in his community of Scottsdale, Arizona. Kresevic worked for seven years with Quicken Loans, earning promotions first to a director of mortgage loans position in 15 months and then to Regional Vice President at the age of only 27. Kresevic also headed the top sales team in the company for two consecutive years during his stint with Quicken. He left the company for more opportunities in the mortgage industry and went to work for Forthright Funding. Kresevic knows that he can create his own company using the experience and skills he gained working for both Quicken and Forthright.

John Kresevic wants to open his own mortgage lending business in his community because helping people manage what is likely their largest financial asset with someone they trust. Kresevic has proven his trustworthiness during his time with Quicken Loans and Forthright Funding. Integrity is a quality that he has proven in his career in the mortgage industry and is backed up by his many references from superiors and other workers in his sales teams and other positions. Kresevic knows that he can help many homeowners with their mortgages so that they can protect their assets and investments in their property and keep their homes for life.

Trust is hard-earned, but over his career, John Kresevic has shown that he can be trusted by the people he has worked with at Quicken Loans and Forthright Funding, the many customers he has helped over his young but productive career, and leaders in the industry as a whole. Kresevic believes that he can lend his expertise, experience, and integrity to people who need to secure their homes in long-term mortgage terms so they can live their lives the way they want. After seeing the devastating effects of the mortgage crisis and economic recession in 2008, Kresevic knew that he had to do something. It’s important for people getting mortgages to know that the information and advice they’re getting is accurate and useful. Kresevic knows that he can provide this information and advice to customers in all situations.

John Kresevic learned many things during his stint with Quicken Loans and Forthright Funding. His skills in finding solutions for homeowners trying to refinance or apply for their first mortgages were legendary at the second-largest mortgage company in the United States, and his well-documented success as a top sales team leader and Regional Vice President show that he’s willing to go the extra mile for his customers, his team mates, his company, and himself. Kresevic takes pride in his ability to find solutions for families in his community to keep their homes and prosper. He knows that he can help many more by laying the groundwork for productive, nurturing relationships with customers based on trust, integrity, and accurate information.

John Kresevic - Why Staying Informed Matters

John Kresevic has taken staying informed of everything happening all over the world seriously since college. He was a Marketing major at Arizona State University and the Treasurer of the Pi Kappa Alpha when he started paying closer attention to the world around him. At the time, Kresevic and the much of the rest of the world were unwittingly headed toward economic recession as the mortgage and housing bubble crashed in the United States. Kresevic graduated from Arizona State University in 2008, the same year as the famous bailout that prevented several large US banks from failing. While the move was controversial at the time, Kresevic saw an opportunity to help make the world a better place. Because of his new interest in events occurring on the world stage, Kresevic’s career began.

John Kresevic began working for Quicken Loans after college. It didn’t take long for company executives to recognize Kresevic’s talent for working with people both within the company and customers outside of the company. His talents were bolstered by his close attention to the complicated fallout of the mortgage crisis that hit hard just when he was starting his career with Quicken. Kresevic rose fast at Quicken, first becoming a Director of Mortgage Banking 15 months after he started, and eventually, through his excellent work as a team leader helping sales teams lead the company in sales, he became the youngest Regional Vice President in Quicken Loans history.

With his many new responsibilities, John Kresevic continued to find ways to bolster his knowledge of the financial world on behalf of his many customers and the sales teams he led. Kresevic analyzed stock markets and prices around the world constantly because he knew the stock markets are great indicators of other financial situations that may affect mortgage prices and rates for homeowners. Today, Kresevic believes that he has the vision and the work ethic to form his own mortgage company in his community of Scottsdale, Arizona. Kresevic knows that his constant monitoring of all factors around the world that may affect mortgage rates and holdings in his community will be an asset to all future customers that he may find. He stays ahead of his competition because he analyzes the information available to all faster and more efficiently.

John Kresevic makes sure to stay on top of world events and stock markets on behalf of his customers and his company stakeholders at Forthright Funding in Scottsdale. He doesn’t know how all the financial information he habitually collects will be useful all the time, but he finds it helpful to have some understanding of how international and national events affect all financial markets, including mortgage loans. Kresevic plans to open his own mortgage business on the strength of his experience and knowledge.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic - Three Skills to Master Before Starting Your Own Business

John Kresevic hopes to start his own mortgage lending business in his community of Scottsdale, Arizona on the strength of his experience and skills he developed in the mortgage lending industry while working for Quicken Loans and for Forthright Funding, where he works now. He wants to help families save money and keep their homes so they can contribute to the lasting community in Scottsdale that Kresevic has found himself in. Before he can start his business, he has to master these three skills:

  • Professional, interpersonal communication. This skill is tricky because everyone thinks that because they know how to speak to people they’re great communicators. The truth is, as John Kresevic has found during his career, no matter how outgoing you are, you need to train and gain experience in communicating interpersonally in a professional setting. This means forging relationships with people who can help you and your business out now and in the future.
  • Budgeting. As a business leader, you’ll have to at least gain some understanding of how your operating budget works. Sooner or later, you’ll need to make decisions based on your income and your expenses that you can’t make unless you know how your business works on a budgetary level.
  • Leadership. Not so much a skill as a way of life, John Kresevic learned early on that leadership takes many forms. You will need to fashion your own brand of leadership through experience in your industry of choice to be successful.

John Kresevic plans on opening his own mortgage lending business for his community soon.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic - What it Takes to Become a Loan Officer

John Kresevic has been a professional in the mortgage industry for seven years. He is an executive loan officer with Forthright Funding, and is the former regional vice president with Quicken Loans. He worked hard to earn his education and to learn about the mortgage industry. He is a successful loan officer who always strives to help his clients and hone his own knowledge. If you dream of becoming a mortgage loan officer as well, you will need to work hard and dedicate yourself to your career. It takes a lot of time and effort to become a successful loan officer.

A mortgage loan officer is a professional who specializes in the individual programs that are provided by the company that he or she works for. This professional works with clients to help them find the right loan program and option for their financial situations and needs. If you want to become a loan officer, you will first need to earn an education in business or finance. In order to provide your clients with the best information and advice, you will need to have a good financial knowledge. You should earn a college education and focus on business administration, finance, accounting, or another field that is related to finance.

You will not just need an education, but you will also need to be willing to learn. Your role will be to advise your clients on loan options. You should have a strong knowledge of your company’s options, and you should always be willing to learn about new options. Many mortgage companies change with the market. You should watch the financial market and keep current on any fluctuations in the mortgage industry.

Work ethic is also important for becoming a loan officer. You will need to be willing to work hard and learn about your industry. Many loan officers become successful through a combination of education and experience. You will need to be willing to take the time to earn both. A great work ethic can help you launch your career in the mortgage industry and keep your career going strong.

It also takes social skills to become a loan officer. In this profession, you will be working with clients on a regular basis. You will need to know how to interact with people and how to build rapport with your clients. If you are able to build strong and trusting relationships with your clients, then you may be able to become more successful. Excellent social skills will help you gain more clients and retain your existing clients. John Kresevic has been in this industry for seven years. He has worked hard to build a successful career for himself in the mortgage industry.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic - Is the Mortgage Industry Right for You?

John Kresevic began working in the mortgage industry immediately after college. He is hardworking and dedicated to his career. He has been in this industry for seven years and has worked hard to develop his skills and his knowledge. The mortgage industry is an excellent career choice for individuals who are ambitious and interested by topics in finance. The mortgage industry may be a great choice for you if you have a few specific traits.

If you are a hardworking individual, this may be an excellent career path for you. Mortgage professionals work with clients to help them find the right loan option. In order to succeed in this position, you will need to be available to your clients whenever they have a question or a concern.

The mortgage industry is also a great choice for individuals who are interested in finance. Mortgages play an important role in the financial industry. They are a type of investment and they are common throughout the United States. If you are interested in getting involved in the financial market, the mortgage industry might be right for you.

Mortgage professionals need to have excellent customer service skills. If you enjoy working with clients and are able to connect with people easily, the mortgage industry might be the right career choice for you. This industry involves working directly with clients on a regular basis.

This is a broad industry and can offer professionals many opportunities to advance their careers. John Kresevic has seven years of experience in this industry and looks forward to opening his own mortgage company in the future.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic has always been a strong leader. He is a professional in the mortgage industry and has worked hard to build his career. After he graduated from Arizona State University, he began working with Quicken Loans and was quickly promoted through the company. His leadership skills helped him launch his career. These skills are important for professionals in any field.

Some people are natural leaders, while others have to work to become leaders. If you want to become a leader, there are a few steps that you should follow. Your first step should be to develop a strong knowledge of your field. If you are knowledgeable, then your colleagues are more likely to respect you. If you are well respected, then your colleagues may come to you for advice and information.

Your next step should be to gain experience. You should work hard to learn about your industry and become experienced so that you can be a source of information and knowledge for your colleagues and your clients. Experience and knowledge often lead to confidence. If you want to become a leader, confidence is essential. You will need to be confident in your own abilities and in your leadership skills.

Professionals who are leaders are often able to advance their careers quickly. Leaders stand out from their colleagues and are often great choices for promotions. John Kresevic is naturally a strong leader. He used his leadership skills and his knowledge to build a successful career in the mortgage industry.

John Kresevic - Become a Successful Leader Today

John Kresevic

John Kresevic - Client Care

John Kresevic hopes to open his own mortgage lending business one day. Striving to help others to manage a large asset in a trustful, knowledgeable setting is important to Kresevic. An intelligent visionary in the field of mortgage lending, he has proven to be a pioneer within the mortgage industry. This achievement is well backed by his many accomplishments at Quicken Loans and Forthright Funding. Kresevic attains to help many homeowners with their mortgage pursuits, so that they may safeguard their assets and investments for their chosen property attainments.

Kresevic has learned a lot at two separate companies. At Quicken Loans he was working at the second-largest mortgage company in the United States, and became its Regional Vice President. He also earned the title of Director of the Year at the age of twenty-seven. Kresevic uses his knowledge for the purposes of production, accuracy, structure and measurability. Clients are treated with openness, respect and understanding.

Kresevic has shown many positive traits during his time at Quicken Loans and Forthright Funding. A great many customers have been serviced productively and resourcefully. Kresevic has shown a powerful and integral leadership as part of the mortgage industry as a whole. He strongly believes that he can lend his knowledge, experience, and honesty to clientele needing to secure their homes safely; long term. Then they can live their lives the way they choose, with a mortgage deal they are content with. The economic recession occurred in 2008, and Kresevic wanted to help people recover positively from the event crisis.

Kresevic helped many homeowners during the mortgage lending crisis, and he continued to help many new homeowners during his time at Quicken Loans. He used outstanding leadership values, which enabled him to gain fast tracked success within the company. The executive was exemplary in his service to give others the means to gain mortgage freedom; through passion, knowledge and integrity. During his time at Quicken, Kresevic became an expert at excellent serviceability to clientele. His role there also gained recognition in 2012 and 2013, when he was the director of the sales team that was ranked number one for two consecutive years.
John Kresevic currently lives in Arizona. He would love to continue to help customers reach their home ownership goals in his own community. He is a dedicated and humble executive professional that aims to give more ingenuity to ‘would be’ homeowners in the future. Currently, Kresevic is working for Forthright Funding as a Loan Officer. His passion to help others compassionately is an added bonus, to the delight of past customers who have enjoyed Kresevic’s professional manner and admirable honesty. His career and dealings have been an asset to the mortgage lending industry overall.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic - Advice on Home Mortgages

John Kresevic moved on from Quicken Loans in 2014. He was the youngest Regional Vice President in the company’s history. He is now a Loans Officer for Forthright Funding in Scottsdale, Arizona. Kresevic is an outstanding mortgage broker with the expertise and passion to help homeowners. He always finds the most beneficial mortgage loan rates possible. He has this advice for individuals wanting to enter the mortgage market:

  • Read the contract. Kresevic always asks clients to read the fine print of their contract, before signing. Ask your mortgage broker as many questions as possible, so you know what you are signing. Kresevic advises clients to ask about closing costs, points, loan fees, and anything else that needs explanation or definition.
  • Check your credit score. You really should check your credit score every year to see exactly where it stands. Kresevic advises home buyers to do so to ensure they are moving into a contract with the highest possible score. The difference can be quite amazing for individuals. Do everything possible to create a positive score. Better rates can be achieved with great credit scoring.
  • Check your budget. Before looking for a suitable mortgage broker, do some sums of your own. List down your budget needs and work out how much you can really spend on a loan. Work out the amount and this will help you to look for properties that are in your affordability range.

John Kresevic will open his own mortgage lending company in Arizona in the near future. He hopes to continue to give clientele the best rates and products possible, so they can hold on to their biggest asset for life.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic - How to Build a Career as a Mortgage Professional

John Kresevic attended Arizona State University and enrolled in the W.P. Carey School of Business. After he graduated from college, he chose to start a career as a loan officer. He began working with Quicken Loans. He had a strong work ethic and quickly made his way up through the company. He wrote his first loan after working for the company for only six weeks. Within twelve months, he was promoted and began supervising a sales team of more than ten people. When he was only twenty-seven years old, he was named Director of the Year. He is a dedicated professional, who has built a successful career in the financial industry.

If you are interested in building a career as a mortgage professional, the first step is to earn a strong education. It may be helpful to earn a degree in business, finance, or another related industry. This type of education could provide you with the tools you need to decipher loan contracts and more. Loan officers are often responsible for gathering various documents, and using that information to write loans for potential borrowers. Professionals who earn a college degree may be able to develop a strong understanding of this process. A college degree also demonstrates to potential employers that an individual is able to complete a major project.

Another important step is to gain experience. You can accomplish this by interning while you are still a student. It may be helpful to earn a position with a company that offers mentorship programs as well. Working with experienced professionals can be a great way to learn and develop your career. Experience could help you move up through your company, and build a positive reputation for yourself.

Networking can play an important role in developing a career as well. A strong network can help professionals gain access to valuable resources. It may be helpful to join a professional association such as the National Association of Mortgage Professionals (NAMP) or the Arizona Association of Mortgage Professional (AAMP). Organizations such as these may help you meet other professionals and gain access to conferences and seminars. If you are interested in building a successful career, it may be helpful to join a professional organization and begin networking extensively.

Building a career in the financial industry often takes time and hard work. Finance can be a competitive field. Kresevic began building his career as soon as he graduated from college. He worked his way up to a regional vice president of Quicken Loans. He is working towards opening his own company and looks forward to being able to use his skills to structure a mortgage company as he sees fit. John Kresevic is a successful mortgage loan officer in Arizona.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic - Improve Your Fundraising Skills

John Kresevic is a mortgage professional and an active fundraiser in Scottsdale, Arizona. He started working with Quicken Loans when he was only twenty-two years old. Within a year, he earned a promotion. He is a hard worker and an intelligent professional. He made his way up through the company and developed an in-depth knowledge of finance and the mortgage lending process. He enjoys working with clients and colleagues and is able to easily relate to others. Throughout his career, he has been involved in several charitable organizations and events. He has been in charge of a number of fundraisers. If you want to start working with charitable organizations, there are several ways for you to improve your fundraising skills.

A great tip for becoming a fundraiser is to develop strong leadership and management skills. If you are in charge of a fundraising event, you may need to manage other people. This could involve coordinating multiple projects and recruiting several other volunteers. It may be important for you to be able to answer volunteers’ questions and help them obtain the resources they need to accomplish their projects and raise more money.

Another tip for developing your fundraising skills is to start networking. Fundraising often involves reaching out to others to inform them about a cause. A good fundraiser can provide information, resources, and gain donations. If you want to start working with charitable causes, it may be helpful to network and build connections throughout many industries. This could make it easier to reach out to others while you are working on your project.

Good fundraisers are able to manage a large project and organize an event. Some charitable organizations host galas or silent auctions in order to gain donations. Some fundraisers work on organizing these events. This could involve finding a venue and hiring a caterer. It could also involve reaching out to patrons and donors in order to fund a silent auction. If you want to succeed as a fundraiser, you may want to focus on learning how to coordinate every detail that is involved in organizing a major event.

Fundraising can help provide charitable organizations with the funds they need to support their causes and help others. There are many individuals who volunteer for charity. Some volunteer their time, while others work as fundraisers. Kresevic raised twenty-five thousand dollars for honor flight charity. He has worked with the Salvation Army as well and raised thirty-five thousand dollars. He has worked with the Salvation Army for multiple years and enjoys helping others. He is a successful professional, who has worked hard to build his career. John Kresevic is a mortgage professional in Arizona, who cares about fundraising and helping others.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic - Three Reasons to Build a Career in Finance

The financial industry can offer professionals a wide variety of opportunities. John Kresevic began working with Quicken Loans when he was only twenty-two years old. He learned about the mortgage lending process, and built a successful career for himself. He has more than seven years of experience and is working towards starting his own company. There are several reasons for you to build a career in the financial industry.

Finance can provide ambitious professionals with a number of career advancement opportunities. The financial industry is broad and multifaceted. Some professionals choose to build careers as mortgage lenders, while others choose to go into financial planning. Individuals who have an education in business or finance can choose from a number of career paths.

Another reason to build a career in finance is to learn about the economy. Professionals in the financial industry often watch various markets. This could offer these professionals a strong understanding of the state of the economy. Working in finance could be a great way to improve your education and knowledge.

A third reason to develop a career in the financial industry is to broaden your experiences as well as your skills. When you build a career in finance, you may have opportunities to learn about different facets. This could help you develop a broad skillset, which can be used to advance your career. John Kresevic is an experienced mortgage professional in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has been working in this industry for more than seven years, and has worked with two established companies.

John Kresevic

John Kresevic - Three Reasons to Start Travelling Today

John Kresevic loves to travel and has gone on many trips for business as well as pleasure. He is a mortgage professional and a loan officer with Forthright Funding in Arizona. He enjoys working in the financial industry, and travelling during his free time. He is a dedicated and successful professional, who always looks forward to meeting new clients and colleagues. His travels have helped him develop strong networking skills and advance his career. There are several reasons for you to start travelling today.

Travelling can help you learn about the world. Spending time in different countries and meeting people in different cities could help you develop a well-rounded education. Travelling could help you learn more about people as well as history, international relations, and politics.

Travelling can be a great way to relax. There are many people who enjoys spending their vacations travelling. There are many people who enjoys spending their vacations sightseeing and relaxing in beautiful locations.

A third reason to start travelling is to advance your career. International travel could help you learn about different cultures. This could help you relate to others and a deeper level. If you are well traveled, you may be able to socialize with people from many different backgrounds.

Many people love to travel. Kresevic has gone on a number of company trips. He has visited Rome, Puerto Rico, and more. He loves to travel and see new places. John Kresevic, an avid traveler, is a successful financial professional, who has a strong understanding of the mortgage lending process.

John Kresevic