John Lyle Harrison

Home Brewing Operations of John Lyle Harrison

About John Lyle Harrison

A skilled home brewer, John Lyle Harrison runs a small-scale but sophisticated operation from his basement. Recently, he began utilizing a 20-liter Speidel Braumeister, which enables highly accurate, computerized control of temperatures and volumes. This is important because even the smallest changes in temperature can greatly affect the final product. By accurately controlling each step of the brewing process, the brewer can craft a truly unique beer. After completing a batch, John Lyle Harrison stores his brews in a homemade chest freezer with sophisticated temperature controls. The beer is stored in corny kegs with lines that run outside the freezer to taps.

John Lyle Harrison began experimenting with home brewing as early as the mid-1980s. Initially he used a canned-extract kit, a simplified method that merely entails adding sugar and water to a can of malt extract. This process is perfect for a beginner but does not leave much room for experimentation. In addition to his early experiences with extract kits, he subsequently produced many successful brews using the brew-in-a-bag technique.

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