The date is 5,900-3,200 It was built during the 6th century of BC. It is located in Iraq. Also the word is Greek.

Three aspects of Mesopotamia is the Hammurabi's code, Art/Architecture ,and the system of writing.Hammurabi's code was all about rules. Like one of the rules where is your broke someones leg someone gets to break your leg. The laws where like even. Now if you had a slave and you broke there leg you had to pay half of its value. To let everyone see the rules he put a big statue in the middle of the town with  a god siting in a chair and the god is give Hammurabi the rules.

The next aspect of Mesopotamia is art/architecture. Some of there art meant heaven others meant grain,fish,bird,and water.The art was some symbols some people can read.The art was very amazing. People have seen it in a museum.

The last aspect is system of writing. They made this system of writing for other people. Say farmers traded a goat and a cow they wrote it down to keep it recorded. Documents where people lived.They kept records of everything. They kept record of how many crops they grew. Also people went to school to learn how to write.

All of these things that I have talked about is very important to there society. They followed the rules they made art/architecture and they learned the system of the writing it took about five or six years to learn how to wright. They really tried to follow and do everything they where told to do.   

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