John Mora Plainfield, IL

Plainfield, IL Entrepreneur John Mora and C3 Copywriting

About John Mora Plainfield, IL

John Mora is an experienced copywriter based in Plainfield, IL. He is also an accomplished author who has published four books, including the exercise manual, Peak Fitness for Women, and the professional guide, Ten Secrets to Marketing Success. For the past 22 years, John Mora has owned and operated the marketing and communications firm, C3 Copywriting.

Producing marketing materials for print, social media, and company websites, C3 is experienced in providing services to both consumer and business-to-business (B2B) companies. As the owner of C3, Mr. Mora is dedicated to helping businesses create, sharpen, and effectively communicate critical, targeted messages to their intended audiences. Past and present clients of C3 Copywriting include industry giants such as Kodak, Nissan, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Gatorade.

Since founding his company in 1991, Mr. Mora’s leading role at C3 has allowed him to undertake a variety of auxiliary positions, including editor-in-chief at Inhale/Exhale Magazine from 2002 to 2007. He also held senior marketing positions with large commercial companies such as FloralSource International and FTD Mercury Technology.

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