John Rogers CFA

Executive with SWM International

About John Rogers CFA

John Rogers, a chartered financial analyst (CFA), supports SWM International of Alpharetta, Georgia, as an independent member of its board of directors and as the chairman of the Audit Committee. In his leadership capacity, he helps the filtration-and-paper business promote growth through innovation and by exceeding the expectations of its customers. In recent years, John Rogers also ran the CFA Institute in Charlottesville, Virginia, as president and CEO. The institute represents the largest group of investment professionals in the world. While there, Mr. Rogers executed the organization's strategic plan and helped manage more than 500 staff members.

Beyond his professional life, John Rogers enjoys traveling in his free time and has visited and lived on several continents. Of all the places he has been to, he particularly admires major cities like Hong Kong, Istanbul, and Amsterdam. While in such cities, he often visits fish markets and frequents the same shops that attract the local people. For more information about Mr. Rogers and SWM International, interested parties can log on to