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sleep by: john

you mite not think sleep is cool but it really is theres a bunch of cool facks like ths one kid did not sleep for 264 hours

sleep you know it helps you lower your bloodpressure it also helps you realive stress like if your were mad if you took a quick nap when you get up you wont beas mad and theres others like oh heres a weird one when you sleep yo eat like 40 bugs like 10 spiders and 30 insecst

crazy right !!!!!

how would think people and phones have things in commen like you when your phone is chargeing and when the screen goes black its just like you when you sleep your body is charging and you close your eyes its the same thing rigt bet you dident bealve me

cool facts dude

did you know that the rigt type of bed can determin how good or how bad you sleep and if you dont get enof sleep you can die im not kiding so try to get a good nights rest also it also helps other things like realiveing stress