John Sulzbach Killingworth CT

Astroseal Products Plant Manager John Sulzbach

About John Sulzbach Killingworth CT

John Sulzbach of Killingworth, CT, currently manages a plant for Astroseal Products, where he oversees the work of 25 employees as they manufacture lightning-protection products for clients in the aerospace industry. John Sulzbach is involved in every stage of production, ranging from raw materials processing to customer service. In addition to the management skills he employs in his current position, he is also trained in other valuable skills, and he has held several different positions in Massachusetts and in Killingworth, CT.

Prior to 2005, John Sulzbach spent several years specializing in graphic design. In 2004, he earned a bachelor of arts in graphic design from the Art Institute of Boston. During his final year of this degree, he interned for the design firm Stormship Studios in Medford, Massachusetts. He then worked as a freelance graphic designer, specializing in photo selection and image manipulation.

Another of John Sulzbach’s areas of expertise is carpentry. Before entering the field of graphic design, he worked as a builder for Stormship Studios and a carpenter for Pomeroy and Co. He earned a degree in wooden boat building from the Landing School of Boat Building and Design in 1996.

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