John W. Jolin - Wholesale Dash Products

John W. Jolin came to Linda’s Lyrics, LLC as an Intellectual Property Coordinator in 2011 and has since moved up to Operational Manager through his dedication and hard work. An opportunity to help grow the company has presented itself to Jolin. Linda Ellis, the poet who runs Linda’s Lyrics, LLC, has decided to sell her unique line of “Dash” products at wholesale products.

“The Dash” is an inspirational poem about how one spends his or her “dash” between their birth date and the day they die as shown on a tombstone. Since its publication in 1996, it has inspired millions to live their lives better and for others. These are themes that fit with how John W. Jolin lives his life, and he is proud to be a part of the company.

Jolin now heads the sales of “Dash” products to retailers. These products include inspirational plaques, framed prints, books, cards, and calendars. Jolin and Ellis hope that this move will not only improve the profitability of Linda’s Lyrics, LLC but also put Ellis’ important message into the hearts and minds of many more people across the globe. Approaching the twenty year anniversary of the poem’s publication, her message could not be more important.

John W. Jolin embraces living for others and treating others with more respect by being slower to anger and judgment. Jolin hopes that his involvement, backed by his extensive entrepreneurial and sales experience, will advance Ellis’ message around the world. Jolin lives with his young family in Marietta, Georgia.