Wonder Project by John


characters tie to theme

kindness i chose this beacuse shes nice and at the lunch tabel she sat with auggie btw he has a messed up face but she sat with him anyway no one told her to she even started talking to him thats why i chose kindness. she was also kind beacuse she just wasent nice to him for a day she was always nice to him like through the whole school year now that says a lot about someone

character influnces

auggie he helped her and she helped him like when no one in the world would sit with him she did and he showed her that he was nice and just cause he had a messed up face he wasent that diffrent he was just a normal kid he did evrey thing other kids did and he was really smart and for a kid with disabillatys most of them arnt the smatest kids in the world

i chose this beacuse its a very beautiful place just like were auggie and summer met like when summer was nice and started talking to auggie when no one in the whole world wouldnt do or say any thing to him

Character Analysis

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i chose this painting beacuse beacuse it is beautiful like were auggie and summer met it was a beautiful place auggie had no frinds but she came along and started talking and playing with him she was just so nice when evry one else was so mean