The Solid Source Story

In the beginning

"How Can I provide as much as
possible to real estate agents
without increasing fees?"

Take The Lead

"We try to stay ahead and lead
the changes instead of following
the others."


“Nobody wants to be out there
in business and find out another
agent or some other company has
something you don’t have."


“It really serves the agent. It allows
them to be 24/7 paperless, they can
even incorporate other technologies
including digital signatures. “


"Someone could have got a
jump start on the competition and
starting doing some of these things
in their local area."

An Opportunity

"Different agents with different
productivity love Solid Source
for different reasons"

Northern Nevada

"Our goal is to keep more money
in the agents pocket and still give
them all the tools they need to get
the job done from our office or
their own home office."  

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