Jonathan Gualberto: Work Experience

Currently on course to graduate with his Master of Business Administration degree in December 2015, Jonathan Gualberto is hoping for a successful career in finance. He knows that to make it in such a profession, an individual requires the smarts and a bit of experience to hit the ground running. On both fronts, Jonathan has full marks for his efforts. He has always maintained good grades since high school, something that has enabled come this far.

On the work front, Jonathan Gualberto realized early the importance of getting some experience from an early stage. He started working at the age of 16, while in high school, mostly in jobs such as valet parking and restaurants. The lessons about self-sufficiency stuck with him, and in college, he did not shy from working a few jobs to pay for his degree.

Since graduating with a degree in Business Administration (Finance option) from Florida Atlantic University, Jonathan Gualberto has padded his resume with some quality work experiences. His first stint at corporate work was as a financial representative for Northwestern Mutual, where he developed substantial communication skills while advising clients in matters of financial investment and security.

A stint at JP Morgan Chase as a bank teller equipped him with cash handling and customer service skills, and at the conclusion of his experience there, he interned at Tyco as a tax analyst contractor. Working at Tyco provided Jonathan with the opportunity to learn more about tax and corporate financial compliance policies and procedures, and boded well with his aspirations to become a finance analyst.