Jonathan Gualberto - Benefits of Reading

Currently enrolled at Nova Southeastern University for a Master in Business Administration degree, Jonathan Gualberto has often found it necessary to go beyond his coursework material and delve into books that add to value to his education. As such, he has kept busy with books written by business and finance professionals in the industry, and occasionally changes pace with contemporary literature.

Jonathan Gualberto's  love for reading is deep-rooted, and it has enabled him glean information and insights that have proved useful in his quest to become a valuable member of the society. Below, he gives a few benefits that come from reading avidly.

Increased smarts

Reading keeps you smarter and helps in raising an individual’s level of intelligence. Regardless of what you want to become or do in life, extra knowledge is required, and reading is one of the excellent ways to gain such knowledge.

Good Distraction

When you’ve had a long day and just wish to have your mind shift gears, a good book will do it for you. Before you know it, all the stress of the day will be long forgotten as the story/lessons in your hands enthrall you, making it hard to put the book down.

Better Vocabulary

It is no secret that regular reading improves an individual’s vocabulary, spelling and speech abilities. Reading forces you to interact with words and phrases you might not have seen before, and the desire to understand their meaning helps you incorporate them into daily speech and writing. Besides, a good vocabulary enables you to articulate yourself to others better.