Jonathan Hillert

President at L&T Development, LLC

About Jonathan Hillert

Entrepreneur, management professional, and architect Jonathan Hillert earned his undergraduate degree in architecture at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee prior to entering the renowned Graduate Studies in Architecture program at the Paris École Spéciale d’Architecture. Upon his return to the US, Jonathan Hillert took the first steps on his professional path at Harding Associates in the capacity of Project Architect. Much more than a design job, the position at Harding grew over his four years there to encompass elements of every aspect of the construction process, from marketing and initial consultations through the supervision of design and engineering staff and construction oversight.

In his 13 years with Chicago area design and development firms, Jonathan Hillert gained sufficient expertise he used to open his own company in 2003. During his time with Harding, Williams Architects, Ltd. and Williams Development, Ltd., Jon Hillert managed staff, standardized both internal and external systems and document production, negotiated contracts, and oversaw bidding. He was integral to successful marketing and cost effective design plans. Technology solutions, safety standards and administrative policy development all fell within his area of expertise. His background and willingness to take on any new challenge has given him a solid foundation in the development of multimillion dollar residential, commercial, religious, educational, and municipal projects, as well as custom residential properties.

Relocating to Houston, Texas, in 2009, Jonathan Hillert launched L&T Development, LLC. He has served the company in the capacity of President, with a focus on custom residential design and construction. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he donated his time and expertise to relief and rebuilding efforts. In the Houston area, Jonathan Hillert served as Project Executive for the Lutheran Intercity Development Coalition, a nonprofit entity dedicated to far-reaching low-income housing solutions for a multi-racial demographic. He hopes to open a housing-related nonprofit organization of his own in the near future.

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