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About Jonathan Vrban

A doctor, a family nurse practitioner, writer, gardener, and world traveler with a highly diversified background, Dr. Jonathan Vrban currently divides his time between a variety of professional and personal endeavors in Honolulu, Hawaii. With more than 25 years in the health care field, Dr. Vrban worked in such capacities as a radiology, CAT scans & vascular procedures, regional trauma, orthopedics and medical administration. Dr. Vrban served in various NP roles in the San Francisco Bay Area; taught in the at the family practice programs at the University of California, San Francisco, and Samuel Merritt University; and earned his doctor of nursing practice from the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions.

Now based in Hawaii, Dr. Jonathan Vrban nurtures his talents for creative and clinical writing, penning short stories and medical articles alike. An avid gardener as well, Dr. Vrban takes care of a broad spectrum of tropical plants, including palms, birds of paradise, orchids, and ti plants. Whenever possible, Dr. Vrban travels to Europe, the Middle East, the Asia-Pacific region, and elsewhere in the world. He loves music and has joined several choirs in Honolulu.                            

Tips for Improving Your Online Reputation

A health care professional, Jonathan (Jon) Vrban has worked with the administration team of a major nonprofit health care system. As a member of the system's human resource committee, Jonathan Vrban understands the importance of a strong online reputation.

When managing your online reputation, the first thing to remember is that your name is your brand. Employers conduct Internet searches for job candidates as a matter of course, and statistics show that 70 percent of recruiters have bypassed candidates based on the results of Internet searches of their names. Experts suggest that to reduce the risk of your own name producing negative results, you begin by searching your name on Google and seeing what arises. You may be able to “untag” embarrassing Facebook photos, but some negative content you will only be able to bury by creating positive content that appears more prominently in search results.

You can begin to do this by purchasing your domain name on a site like GoDaddy. You can then either create content on that page or link it to an account like Tumblr or WordPress, where you can create a blog that paints you in a positive light. Reputation experts recommend also setting up accounts with your name on sites like LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest. By using your name in your profiles on these pages and linking them to your website or professional blog, you can have significantly more control of what people see when they search for your name online.

Promoting Content on YouTube

As a producer of home cooking videos, Jonathan “Jon” Vrban looks for ways to post and market his programs online. Jonathan Vrban frequently uses YouTube as a platform for publicizing his work.

When promoting videos on YouTube, the key marker of success is how quickly the video captures the attention of the viewer. Experts recommend that people posting videos first make sure that each video's title is accurate and specific. People making video posts can also use tags to help viewers searching for a particular subject to find that video.

Users with their own channels can place videos in interest-specific playlists, which allow viewers to watch related content in series. Once they are logically arranged within the channel, the person posting the videos can use YouTube's linking tools to place a YouTube social button on a company or personal website, which lets visitors to the site see the site owner's YouTube channel. Cross-posts to Facebook or other social media sites may also be helpful in getting new viewers, although it often helps for a video creator to check YouTube's channel analytics section to see which links and cross-posts generate the most traffic.

The Art of Making Cooking Videos

An experienced medical professional, Jonathan Vrban has treated work-related injuries, such as fractures, lacerations, and musculoskeletal problems. In his spare time, he is working on a cookbook. In addition to writing his own recipes, Jonathan Vrban enjoys making cooking videos and sharing them online.

Making a good video doesn’t require a lot of equipment. In addition to a camera, you should have digital editing software such as Adobe Premiere, iMovies, or Final Cut Pro. You will also need a directional clip-on microphone, also called a lavalier or lapel mic. Fortunately, many lavalier-style microphones are inexpensive, generally under $30.

The videographer should make multiple shots in one continuous take, moving smoothly between the food and the presenter. You should edit out sudden jumps from one to the other, which viewers may find jarring.

Similarly, a smooth audio track will help provide continuity with the video track. Most people do not speak perfectly. They take pauses to think or breathe and pepper their speech with fillers such as “um,” “huh,” and “like.” Editing out these speech disfluencies will result in professional-sounding audio that is easy for viewers to follow. If you have more audio than video to link it with, simply change the video's speed. You can slow the speed down to 85% before the effect becomes noticeable.

Once your video is finished and edited, you can upload it to just about any social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Jonathan Vrban - Posting and Disseminating Youtube Videos

A former resident of San Francisco, California, Jonathan Vrban currently lives in Oahu, Hawaii. Jon Vrban engages in a wide range of hobbies and has traveled extensively throughout the world, including trips to Spain, Portugal, Greece, Austrialia, and New Zealand. Jonathan Vrban also stays current on maintaining a good online reputation and is experienced in presenting a professional image through videos uploaded on Vimeo and YouTube.

One of the key advantages of Youtube is that it allows videos to be easily posted to one’s website in ways that reinforce key aspects of one’s personal brand.

The upload process begins with simply clicking a yellow button that appears on the Youtube home page’s upper right corner. The accuracy of title and description of the clip are important, as are tags that enable the video to be found by casual searchers. All uploaded videos are public by default and can be made private if the intended audience is small. The uploader also controls whether comments are allowed and whether the clip can be rated or responded to through video.

Starting a Blog

In his free time, Jonathan Vrban pursues many hobbies, including gardening, traveling, and cooking. Jonathan “Jon” Vrban’s interests also include sharing information with others on the web, such as through blogging.

The idea of communicating ideas on the web and reaching people living anywhere in the world intrigues many people. However, they may be unsure of what topics to blog about. When choosing an area of focus for a blog, you should consider a number of factors.

First of all, choose a topic you are personally interested in, rather than one you think other people want to read about. Successful bloggers tend to be passionate about their topics, and this passion comes across in their posts and attracts dedicated readers. For instance, moms might blog about their family life, and people who are interested in technology might build a blog around the latest news in the tech field.

In addition to choosing an area of focus, you should consider how much about your personal life you want to reveal in your blog. For instance, many bloggers share their daily lives with their followers. However, not everyone is comfortable with this approach. People in your personal life, for instance, might be uncomfortable being mentioned in a blog post that is shared with the general public. With the right balance, you can share parts of your personal life with your readers while maintaining privacy.

How to Post a Photo on Instagram

Jonathan “Jon” Vrban enjoys baking and cooking, particularly Italian dishes. Jonathan Vrban also spends time posting instructional cooking videos on YouTube and photos on Instagram.

To post a photo on Instagram, individuals must first download the Instagram app on their iOS, Android, or Windows smartphone. The posting process begins by accessing the app and tapping the photo button. While the button's appearance differs from one operating system to the next, it generally takes the form of a blue square surrounding a white camera icon. The button can be found at the bottom of the app screen.

On iOS and Android devices, individuals have the option of uploading a photo that has already been taken or taking a new photo using the Instagram app. To upload a photo, users must tap the photo library icon and select the desired photo. To take a new photo or video, users can press the blue circle. A reverse camera icon allows individuals to easily take pictures or videos of themselves.

The photo upload and new photo steps are similar on Windows devices. Individuals can access a phone’s camera roll in order to upload a photo, while the new photo process mirrors that of the iOS and Android phones. Regardless of the operating system, individuals can later select from an array of filters and effects before posting a photo on Instagram.

Tips for Developing an Authentic Voice When Blogging

Hawaii resident Dr. Jonathan Vrban likes to exercise his creativity in a number of ways. In addition to doing so through hands-on activities, such as cooking and gardening, Dr. Jonathan Vrban likes communicating ideas to others and is interested in blogging.

When first getting started as a blogger, one of the most challenging elements can be finding your own voice in your writing. Too many times, people write in a particular way because they think that is the “correct” way, even if it isn’t true to their own personalities. A number of approaches can help you develop an authentic and compelling voice in your blog posts.

For instance, choose a few adjectives that describe you, such as “playful,” “sarcastic,” or “passionate,” and keep those words in mind for your writing. Consider how you talk to people in your everyday life, and try to echo that style in your blog posts. Imagining that you are writing to a close friend or family member can help, as can reading your own writing out loud. If reading out loud seems awkward or difficult to do, you might want to revise your blog post so that it feels more natural.

Finally, put yourself in the position of your ideal reader and consider whether your blog post sounds like something you’d like to read. Because you want to connect with your readers and write in a way they find engaging, this is a key consideration.

Choose the Best WordPress Platform to Fit Your Blogging Needs

Jonathan Vrban most recently worked with a major health-care network, where he assisted a number of administration and specialty committees. In his free time, Jonathan Vrban enjoys posting articles to his blog.

When it comes to starting a blog, it is important to choose the right platform for your blogging needs. With more than 82 million active users, WordPress stands head and shoulders above other platforms in terms of popularity. offers a high degree of customizability and requires little to no knowledge of coding or design, making it accessible to blogging newcomers. However, the more tech-savvy blogger might find herself frustrated by the lack of functionality, as well as the WordPress tag in the domain name.

For individuals seeking a more professional feel, allows bloggers to host their own blog on a third-party server. At approximately $3 per month, a self-hosted WordPress blog has full functionality and search engine-specific tools. Used by businesses and professional brand builders, allows users to edit their own HTML code and install plugins.

Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering

Jonathan Vrban is a longtime health-care provider. Outside of his professional activities, Jonathan Vrban enjoys volunteering with organizations in his community.

Long recognized as a way to achieve fulfillment and personal satisfaction, volunteering offers a number of surprising additional benefits. Paradoxically, volunteering makes people feel like they have more time for other things in their lives, and donating to charity often makes people feel wealthier. People who volunteer also show a number of quantifiable physical effects, including lower rates of depression in late life and lower mortality rates.

From a more practical perspective, volunteering enables people to develop valuable new skills that can assist them later in their careers. Volunteering in a new industry also gives people the ability to enter new professional fields, particularly ones in which they have no prior experience. For example, if a person wants to transition from the corporate world to the nonprofit sector, he or she must typically seek out some volunteer experience first.

Best Gardens in Italy

Based in San Francisco, California, Jonathan Vrban is a skilled nurse practitioner who went back to school to become a doctor. Jon enjoys many interests and hobbies, including cooking and baking. Jonathan Vrban is also an avid traveler with a preference for visiting Italy.

Although it is a popular tourist choice for its food and historical sites, Italy also boasts some of the most beautiful gardens in the entire world. The tour operator Walks of Italy compiled a list of five of the best gardens, and Isola Bella was the top choice. The name translates into beautiful island, but despite the lovely name, the island was not always beautiful. It was once small and rocky, but Carlo Borromeo III redeveloped the island in the 17th century, bringing in soil and landscaping for each part of the island. Visitors can find the island in the middle of Lake Maggiore.

To the south is Villa Rufolo, a 14th century palazzo situated on the Amalfi Coast. The gorgeous flowers perfectly complement the stunning medieval towers and walls, and the view overlooking the Mediterranean is incredible.

Visitors based in Rome may want to make a day trip to the Villa d’Este in Tivoli. A fine Renaissance villa, it was built by the grandson of Pope Alexander VI in the 16th century and contains gorgeous fountains, formal gardens, and frescoed rooms.

The Duomo - Florence, Italy's Legendary Cathedral

An experienced family medicine practitioner, Dr. Jonathan Vrban enjoys traveling in his free time, and he counts Italy as one of his favorite destinations. Italy offers a wide range of activities for travelers like Jon Vrban, as well as a rich history. One of its most beautiful attractions is Florence's massive cathedral, named in honor of Santa Maria del Fiore.

The world’s fourth-largest cathedral, the Duomo was designed by Arnolfo de Cambio, who began construction in the 13th century. However, its most distinctive feature, its dome, was not added until the 15th century by architect Filippo Brunelleschi. Both Brunelleschi and di Cambio are memorialized with statues outside the cathedral. Following the completion of the dome, the cathedral was consecrated, though it was not until the 19th century that its facade was finally finished.

The Duomo’s exterior is an eye-catching mix of three different colors of marble. Though the inside is much more plain than the exterior, the interior contains several works of art, including a clock dating to the 1400s and frescoes from the 1500s.

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