Jon L Curry

Avid Extreme Athlete

An avid extreme athlete who enjoys participating in a diverse array of sports, Jon L. Curry has competed in several road biking events throughout his life. In 2004, he rode behind the Tour de France, where he navigated several challenging classic stages. In addition to visiting Italy for two separate rides, Jon L. Curry has completed more than 10 century rides, which require traversing more than 100 miles in one day. He trained with a prominent professional racer in Aspen, Colorado, before going on to finish first in a Woodside race and second in Napa race, both in California.

After graduating from high school in Redwood City, California, Jon L. Curry went on to become a member of the United States Marine Corps Reserve for four years. Since then, Jon L. Curry has traveled to countries around the world, including Turkey, Switzerland, Mexico, Costa Rica, England, and Puerto Rico. He currently resides in the Sonoma, California, area.