Jon Roberts Victorville                    

An Accomplished City Manager and Community Leader                            

About  Jon Roberts Victorville                    

Jon Roberts worked as a municipal engineer for many years before receiving his first city manager appointment, in Victorville, California, in 1999. Over the next 10 years, he successfully implemented numerous programs to encourage and address the rapidly growing Southern California city. Some of Jon Roberts’ major achievements as Victorville city manager included redeveloping a closed Air Force Base founding the Victorville Water District and attracting Fortune 500 companies and other employers to the region. He also played a critical role in transforming the city from a general law city into a charter city in which its voting populace establishes its community’s own rules and regulations instead of using state laws as guides. The change was approved by nearly 70 percent of Victorville voters.

In 2009, Jon Roberts resigned from his post in Victorville and relocated to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to head that city as city manager. He served as the city manager for Steamboat Springs for more than three years, during which time he cut municipal expenditures by more than 40 percent and increased the city’s credit rating (Moodys). Today, Roberts focuses on family and community initiatives. He belongs to the New Church Life in Colorado Springs,performing missiion work, and he and his wife sponsor cadets from the local U.S. Air Force Academy. He and his wife have two sons, both officers in the Air Force.                            

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