JooMo Foundation

JooMo skincare is the worlds first 100% all- natural face wash and one of the biggest and fastest growing businesses in the UK. I myself have been using JooMo face wash for almost a year, love the way it smells and believe it feels like honey on my skin. No drying out, no lotion necessary. You only need lotion because normal face washes dry out your face with chemicals, then pushes you to buy their lotion to replenish the natural oils the wash stripped off!

Why hasn't someone made something like this before?

Good question, it can be difficult to make a face wash that looks and acts like a face wash without binders and chemical preservatives. It's simply easier to put chemicals in the normal face washes to temporarily cover symptoms such as acne, oil and redness, which unfortunately creates long term damage... leading the consumer to keep coming back for more! Tricky.

JooMo emphasizes more than its all- natural skincare, they want to empower the young people to have a say in business and politics, while pushing for a revolution of moral business. Who wouldn't want amazing skin care and moral, ethical business transactions?!

JooMo's mission includes transforming the cosmetic industry and marketplace, being a role model for a principled successful enterprise, and compassion and service to their employees and to all. They also support the SOS Africa charity, which funds the education and care of poor children in South Africa.

Although JooMo face wash was created in the UK, I am helping bring its product and causes to the United States. The JooMo Foundation was created so young people, including students, could become a shareholder for only $8. JooMo, being a Cooperative, means that everyone who has a share in the company also has an equal say in how the business is run. Also all the shareholders will receive dividends (share of the profits) at the end of each year, according to the number of ‘points’ received!

Simply put, by buying a share of JooMo, not only can you profit from this new flourishing business but have a say in its morals and become more active in changing the world for the better.

By clicking the red button you can read more about becoming a member and what it means to join the JooMo Foundation. To summarize:

The JooMo Foundation is a call to a Liberal Awakening in the UK:

1.  In a liberal state individual well-being, prosperity, and social harmony are fostered by "as much liberty as possible" and "as little government as necessary.”

2. More focus on freedom, family, equality and community and less on anxiety, corruption, greed and selfishness

3. No more economic domination from large companies and a focus on fighting corruption and dishonesty among the banks, businesses, and the government

As an American supporting JooMo, no matter your political views, you can still support moral business, skincare revolution, SOS Africa, and healthy environmentally friendly products.

They understand that not everyone will agree fully on this political platform. That's OK! This is part of JooMo's effort to not only transform politics in the UK, but get young people everywhere to think about what they believe in, whether they agree with liberalism or not. This is a chance to get everyone thinking about their beliefs in politics and business. This is a chance for anyone to share a part in a rising business and support ethical business practices, for a small price of $8 per share.

To check out more about JooMo, what they stand for, how and why the product works, click the button below! You can also buy a bottle of JooMo straight from the website to try out the goods! If you have any questions, please fill out the form below to email me personally about JooMo and becoming a member of the JooMo Foundation.