Constantine  vs. Mark Antony

By: Jordan Carroll
Comparing and Contrasting

     Constantine was the first Christian emperor  making Constantinople the capital of the Roman Empire. He spent most of his early life being held hostage by the emperor Diocletian. He was most likely born on February 27 around 272 at Naissus now called Nis that is located in the Serbia area. His father Constantius was the son of a goat-herd and a freedman's daughter, he later came up as a lowly solider and soon became the emperor of the Western Roman Empire, though he had no type of education he was interested in Philosophy. Constantine's mother Helena was a stable-maid and came from a humble background. When she met Constantius she couldn't be legally his wife considering his high ranking status. So he legally married the daughter of Maximian and her name was Theodora though he married Theodora, Helena still lived and she be came influential during Constantine's rule.

 Mark Antony was a Roman general and was sought out by Caesar. When Caesar died Mark Antony led an army to fight Brutus. He was later defeated by Octavianus the leaders great-nephew. Antony and his fellow leaders divided the government among themselves. After gaining control over the East he went to Egypt and became Cleopatra's lover . His alliance with Cleopatra angered the people of Rome.Octavianus declared war on Cleopatra and they were defeated so, they committed suicide.

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