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An experienced veterinarian, Joseph Bisignano, DVM, works for VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital. As a board-certified internal medicine specialist, he focuses on animals in need of metabolic, gastroenterological, endocrine, and liver care. In preparation for his career, Dr. Joseph Bisignano enrolled at the Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California, where he graduated as valedictorian of his class with his doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM). As a student, he earned recognition from the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine for the quality of his scholarship and his interest in pursuing internal medicine training.

Before entering veterinary school, Dr. Joseph Bisignano secured his bachelor of arts in biochemistry and psychology as a Thomas G. Labreque SmartStart Scholarship recipient at New York University. While an undergraduate, he gained hands-on animal care experience as a marine mammal trainer with the Wildlife Conservation Society in Brooklyn, New York, where he fed and trained animals such as California fur seals and black-footed penguins. After earning his BA, he moved to Waikoloa, Hawaii, to become a dolphin trainer and veterinary preceptor.

Acute Gastroenteritis - How It Affects Dogs and What to Do About It

A board-certified veterinarian, Joseph Bisignano, DVM, most recently cared for pets at the VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital. He also volunteered his expertise in internal medicine at the Hope Veterinary Center. With two manuscripts pending publication, Joseph Bisignano, DVM, is currently interested in chronic gastrointestinal disease.

Gastrointestinal disease causes pain in the stomach. Symptoms include regurgitation and dehydration. For a dog, this disorder prevents healthy digestion, which is necessary for maintaining energy and repairing the body.

Among the types of gastrointestinal diseases are diarrhea, small intestinal malabsorption, colitis, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, and acute gastroenteritis. The latter is caused by consuming toxic or spoiled foods. In addition, high-fat foods intended for humans can result in acute gastroenteritis. A dog living with the condition has an infected or inflamed gastrointestinal tract. While the disorder is a short-term affliction, it causes discomfort in the stomach and the intestines. Pet owners should evaluate a dog’s current diet and switch the animal to highly digestible foods that cause little to no irritation. Highly soluble and insoluble fiber foods with moderate levels of fat can also alleviate the condition.

Best Times for Visiting Belgium

A board-certified veterinary internal medicine specialist at VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital, Joseph Bisignano, DVM, largely focuses his work on the areas of gastroenterology, liver, kidney, metabolic, endocrine, autoimmune, and inflammatory diseases. In his free time, Joseph Bisignano, DVM, is an avid traveler who has been to several countries including Belgium.

Although Belgium is a popular destination throughout the year, tourists most often flock to the country between April and October. The summer months are particularly busy, especially July and August. Temperatures are between 54 and 72 degrees, and the country hosts a variety of summer festivals that draw in tourists. Airfare is often more expensive, but hotels are cheaper, especially on the weekends.

Spring and autumn are also popular times for visiting. October is often the busiest month during autumn, and Brussels is especially busy during April due to various seasonal events. Temperatures remain fairly mild during these times, though there is some rainfall and occasional snow that continues into March.

Winter is the coldest time of the year with temperatures staying between 32 and 43 degrees. Airfare is cheaper during this time, but hotels may be more expensive. Visiting Belgium is winter is typically best for fans of skiing who can enjoy cross-country skiing in Ardennes. However, most of the rest of the country is rainy and cold in winter.