Qin Dynasty

Also Know As Emperor Qin

By Jace Nguyen and Joseph Romero

This is what the Qin Dynasty was like.
Terra Cotta

Interesting Facts in sentences!

  1. Emperor Qin was alive between 221 to 210 B.C.E and the first emperor of China.  "Tiger of Qin" was Emperor Qin nickname. Also, Qin took over the the Zhou Dynasty around 256 B.C.E. When Qin took over all of China he was named Qin Shinuangdi.
  2. Creating an empire was not easy, they had to choose a philosophy. Qin choose legalism as the philosophy, and he adopted the ideas of strict rules, harsh punishments,  and a strong central  government. To control his territory Qin decided to split his territory  into 36 districts. Inside the districts they had governors. It was the governors job to enforce the law, and make sure everyone got harsh punishments. The official's job was to be responsible for the army, laws, agricultures, and inform district activity.
  3. Standardizing the culture included standardizing the culture. Also some examples of harsh laws are that widows can't be remarried. The Beliefs  of the law comes form legalism. If you ever broke a law you would have to pay fines in paid in shields, gold, suits of armor, and physical punishments. Some physical punishments are labor, whippings, and beheadings. Trade was also another way to standardize a culture. They would trade money and weights. To standardize writing they moved over 9,000 characters! They removed the written characters.
  4. To protect the Northern Boarders of China they built the great Wall of China. It took over ten years to build the whole wall. The conditions of building the wall is that it was built over mountains, deserts, and even quicksand. The temperature was either bitterly cold or blazing hot in the summer. The reason to this 30 ft. wall is so that invaders try to jump the wall they had to leave their horses and supplies back.
  5. Emperor Qin discouraged Confucius scholars (the Ending Opposition). The conflicts of the emperor was that the scholars kept on bothering him so he tried to mute then. He was thinking "Hmmmm, how can I silence them?" He thought and thought until he thought of burning the Analects. Yes, I did sat the Analects of Confucianism at the Royal Banquet of 213 B.C.E. Li sui conflict was against Confucius scholar and tried to censored them. Muted! If they kept on bothering him he would behead the confucious scholars.
  6. Emperor Qin didn't want to die so he tried to seek immortality. Then during his quest to seek immortality he died, everyone was rebellious. This eventually turned into a civil war. ( When the same people from the same place have a war.) The tomb of this fearless leader was filled with a terra-cotta. A terra-cotta is an  chinese army formal name. Also his tomb was filled with treasures, and secret writting. Then when a new person called Lui Bang walks in and says "Hey, let's start a new dynasty!" Everyone agreed and they established the Han dynasty, a confucious based dynasty not legalism. Also, Lui bang was a peasent, he wasn't even a high noble.

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