4 Ways to Improve Team Performance

Anyone entering into the profession or position of leadership wants to become a successful leader in short duration. But this is not true as no one has the basic understanding of how to improve their team. Usually, what happens is that whenever a person becomes a leader, he takes immediate actions without thinking of the results and actions which can be taken? It is because he wants the team to succeed and achieve the results as soon as possible in order to prove himself as the best leader.

But a great leader is he who identifies the situation properly before taking any action. After analysing the problem, he should decide on the actions which can be taken for the best results. It’s his duty to examine the problem first and then take any action. Then he should help in improving the team performance to its best and enhancing their potential of taking on some task. I would like to tell you about the 4 basic ways which every leader should adopt to improve the team performance.

Take a sneak-peak:

  • Teach the Team: To be an effective leader, you should never have this thinking “Do as I say but not what I do”. The team follows your attitude of doing the tasks so if you want positive results then encourage them to produce results the way you do. Clearly define them the outputs which can be beneficial and let them perform their own way. A true leader is the one who sets examples for the team and make them understand the goals and priorities of the organization. Just motivate them to work hard by giving them training where required.
  • Listen to the Team and Answer them: You have to be a good listener to be a good leader. You cannot answer your team’s questions if you don’t have the listening capability. Actively get involved in all the discussions and face their questions to give a useful answer.
  • Review the Performance and Communicate: Just don’t pass on the responsibilities to the team without any discussions. It is not a wise idea to delegate the task and sit quietly waiting for the results to be achieved. Rather consistently review the efforts of the team, interact with them to know about the progress, tweak and familiarize yourself with each and every aspect of their performance. It will make your team feel motivated and encouraged because their leader is with them.
  • Never Criticize: Critique is important but not criticism. Critiques are necessary for evaluation of the team and giving them ideas and suggestions. But don’t criticize the team as it will make them feel de-motivated. You just have to handle the situation by suggesting them something better to achieve better results. Criticism leaves a negative impact on the team by tearing down their self confidence.

These are some basic ways of improving the team performance by having their involvement and participation in the organization matters. Adopt these things to be a good leader or ask Joseph Tramontana, the best leader, about some more points which can be adopted.

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