Joseph Treff

Partner at Treff and lowy pllc, Legal

About Joseph Treff

Attorney Joseph Treff is a Partner at the law firm of Treff & Lowy, PLLC, in Brooklyn, New York. Possessing extensive experience in numerous areas of real estate law, Joseph Treff represents investors with regard to both commercial and residential projects. He also provides services in the area of finance.

Mr. Treff works with many forms of real estate commerce, including syndication, financing, and development. He has experience with negotiating partnerships and facilitating joint ventures. Additionally, he represents clients in matters pertaining to lending and restructuring; this includes short-term loan arrangements and construction financing. His work history highlights many areas related to real estate, including closings, refinancing, and private lending representation. Committed to excellence, he acts as counsel through every stage of a particular dispute.

When he is not working, Mr. Treff enjoys giving back to the community. He supports Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael, among other organizations.

A Brief Overview of Oorah

A 1999 graduate of Brooklyn Law School in New York City, Joseph Treff represents clients in all areas of real estate, including complex development projects and joint ventures. He is a partner in the Brooklyn law firm of Treff & Lowy, which also handles banking, commercial, and insurance litigation. Outside the office, Joseph Treff supports a number of philanthropic endeavors, including Oorah.

The idea for Oorah began in 1972 in the mind and heart of Rabbi Chaim Mintz. He wanted to help a local Jewish mechanic’s children get into a Jewish school by raising the money needed for tuition. In the movement’s early years, the rabbi would drive the streets of New York City’s Staten Island during Chanukah, knock on the doors of homes with lit menorahs in the windows, and engage with the occupants about the holiday and their children’s education. Oorah today is a comprehensive Jewish outreach organization focused on helping families embrace their Jewish culture and religion.

Educating children in Jewish tradition remains Oorah’s focus, but it’s grown into much more. Enrolling children in Jewish schools and helping their families meet the tuition payments, when necessary, is one of Oorah’s main missions. The organization also maintains summer camps in New York’s Catskill Mountains so that boys and girls can enjoy their vacations in a Torah-observant environment. The camps are also open to Jewish children still attending public school. The camps have spawned year-round activities for the campers and counselors, who hold periodic get-togethers to strengthen their bonds of friendship and their shared culture and religion.

Oorah also sponsors holiday programs around Sukkos, Chanukah, Purim, and Pesach, including distribution of holiday packages to more than 2,000 families. Oorah welcome adults to its programs as well, primarily the parents of the children involved in the school and summer programs, but also any adults interested in learning more about their Jewish heritage.

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