Joseph Zakarija

Dr. Joseph Zakarija: A Highly Trained Pediatric Dentist.

About Joseph Zakarija

Dr. Joseph Zakarija, who oversees his own pediatric dental practice in Rockford, Illinois, draws on a considerable amount of formal training when working with children, toddlers, and teenagers. After finishing his bachelor's degree at Loyola University Chicago, Dr. Zakarija stayed on for a master's degree in microbiology, which he obtained in 1980. While working toward his DDS, Dr. Joseph Zakarija earned recognition from Loyola for his clinical achievements in pediatric dentistry and he was personally asked by the head of the pediatric program to apply for a two-year postdoctoral program. To complete this training, he fulfilled rotations in anesthesiology and pediatric medicine through Loyola University Medical Center and he gained hands-on training in operating room treatments and caring for children with physical and developmental disabilities.

Dr. Joseph Zakarija keeps current with advances in his profession by holding memberships in groups such as The American Orthodontic Society and the Illinois State Dental Society. For a more comprehensive discussion of his background and training, and to read more about the services he offers children, please visit his website at

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