Josette Montas

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About Josette Montas

Dr. Josette C. Montas released her first music album in 2005, an impressive accomplishment that any Doctor would be proud of. But how could Dr.Montas, a Haitian immigrant who spent her life working as a Medical Examiner and Forensic Pathologist in New York City, become such a formidable musical force?

The groundwork for Josette Montas’ musical life began with her mother,Mrs Aline Coles, who was an accomplished piano player and music teacher. Josette Montas’home was filled with music, and her mother taught all the kids how to play piano, which helped Montas foster an early affinity for piano that would stay with her forever.

Josette Montas took her childhood musicianship to a new level when she received a scholarship to the Conservatory of Music of Port-au-Prince. Montas eventually left her musical dreams behind to pursue an education in medicine. Josette Montas spent six years at Faculte de Medecine at the Universite d’Etat d’Haiti, earning her M.D. degreeJosette .

These years of extensive medical study opened the door for Josette Montas’ emigration to the United States and her successful career as a Medical Examiner. During her time in New York,Dr.Montas provided expert testimony in a variety of court cases, using her medical knowledge to help proceedings. Montas also ran lectures at the New York City Police Academy, and shared her wisdom with postgraduate and medical students.

Throughout her medical career,Dr. Montas participated in a variety of important professional organizations, including the , American Academy of Forensic Sciences, National Association of Medical Examiners, and American Society of Clinical Pathologists.
She is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pathology, holding three certifications, in Anatomic, Clinical and Forensic Pathology.

Dr. Montas retired from her position as a Medical Examiner and studied at Mannes College of Music, where she earned her Master’s of Music in 2005. Since her graduation, Montas has performed in countless concerts and released two albums. Her latest album features pieces by Justin Elie, her mother’s piano teacher, as well as Inessa Zaretsky, Montas’ own piano teacher.

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