Josh Bersin

Tailored HR and Strategic Management Analytic Offerings

About Josh Bersin

As CEO and president of Bersin by Deloitte (formerly Bersin & Associates), Josh Bersin guides an enterprise that provides diverse corporate clients with dedicated research and consultancy services in the areas of human resources and personnel management. His Oakland, California, firm provides companies with the tools they need to achieve benchmarked goals and implement industry best practices. Josh Bersin is currently working to expand the respected BersinInsights platform, which is utilized by nearly 500 Fortune 1000 firms. The product is being fine-tuned to include social networks, professional development tools, and a more personalized user experience.

Mr. Bersin leveraged two decades of technology-focused marketing experience in establishing his current firm in 2001. Over the years, he has expanded the company’s documentation capacities to encompass more than 800 reports that provide a detailed, foundational understanding of how the human resources sector operates. With a deep-seated interest in talent management, Mr. Bersin frames this subject as an outgrowth of business strategic planning, rather than as a human resources issue. His core emphasis is on finding ways of enhancing productivity, while efficiently managing performance and staying at the industry leading edge.

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