Design-Focused Grape City Executive

Joshua Broman is an accomplished Grape City executive who began his career in Sendai, Japan, as an English teacher with the affiliated K-6 elementary school, Meysen Academy. He utilized his skills in design and photography to give the school a distinct brand and approach to the media. In the mid-1990s, Joshua Broman went to work for Grape City, which produces educational management software systems for private schools throughout Japan. He added value to the company through producing three-dimensional animations and computer graphics, and in 2000, he was promoted to director of the senior graphic-design team.

Mr. Broman has guided WINEstudios since it was established as an outgrowth of GrapeCity in 2003. As the executive producer, he led the creation of a state-of-the-art studio that includes production and post-production capacities and effective teams of studio technicians, animators, and designers. Mr. Broman and the WINEstudios team have undertaken diverse projects, including TV commercials, logo designs, and corporate presentations. Mr. Broman’s work earned his team the prestigious “Advertisement Design of the Year” award from Nikkei Software magazine.