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About Joshua Wolcott

Currently the Director of Operations for Denver’s Cimmaron Resources, Inc., Joshua Neale Wolcott began his career developing funding mechanisms for World Vision USA. He then shifted his focus to establishing a community bank and enterprise loan program in Myanmar for World Vision, which won acclaim as the best such program in the region. The networking, negotiation, and financial services skills that Joshua Wolcott developed during this time served him well throughout his career. They are especially important to his current work in the American energy industry.

Prior to joining Cimmaron Resources, an oil and gas project management firm involved in several ongoing projects in Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska, Joshua Neale Wolcott learned the industry’s basics as a Project Manager for Mandalay Energy Resources, LLC. Over an 18-month period, he directed the growth of an Oklahoma project from 10 wells on 1,000 acres to 30 wells on more than 7,000 acres, with an additional 40 wells in various stages of development. Wolcott has continued this pattern of achievement at Cimmaron, guiding the growth of clients’ oil fields and developing several of Cimmaron’s own projects as well. For example, he recently concluded a project comprising nearly 35,000 acres in the Powder River Basin. Wolcott directed the sale of about two-thirds of the acreage, generating a significant profit for the company and its strategic partners, while keeping the balance for future development with industry partners.

Having spent several years in various leadership positions in the financial services industry, Joshua Wolcott also brings significant financial skills to his work with Cimmaron. He has played an instrumental role in assembling projects, constructing complex deals with partners and clients, and in negotiating various acquisitions. In addition, Wolcott responded to the urgent need of a Cimmaron client company and served as its Interim Vice President, leading its restructuring, consolidating its financial planning processes, and making several cost-saving acquisitions.

Outside the office, Joshua Neal Wolcott enjoys spending his time volunteering at various activities sponsored by his local church, as well as with other Denver-area charities, especially those dedicated to autism awareness. He enjoys a number of recreational activities, such as rock climbing, hiking, and skiing. 

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