Wonder Project by Joshua

character's tie to theme

The most importent theme for Jack is bravery.For example:Jack stands up to a couple or bullies in his school.If your wondering those bullies were picking on Jack's friend named August. Also Jack had the bravery to stand up to 7th graders who were making fun of his friend named August.If your wondering again those people were picking on August because of the way his face looks.What you should have learned from this was you should step up like Jack did and help other people end bullying.

character influence

The biggest impact in Jack's life was when he realizes that when he was telling Julian a lie  and that lie was,I was told to be August's friend while August was right beside him.Also Jack didn't realize August was there because August told everyone he would be Boba Fett but he was in a rush so he put on a bleeding screem costum.If your wondering whats going on it's a couple days befor Holloween so teachers agreaded to have every one to whare a costum.Now lets get back to what I was saying shall I.Ok so if your wondering once again how Jack realized August was beside him because Summer told him.What Jack learned from this was always tell the truth.