Josh Yuhas

This is a picture of my best friends.  We all play basketball.  Basketball is my favorite sport. I also like to go biking and going on vacation with my family.

3 interesting things

I love tigers. They are my favorite animal. They have been my favorite animal since i was little. My favorite color is orange so it works out well!


Basketball is my favorite sport.  My favorite player is Paul George.  He is one of the best players in the world, but he sadly broke his leg while playing for USA.


My favorite food is ribs.  I like to get my ribs from Longhorn Steakhouse.  Their ribs are never dry and they put the right amount of sauce on them.  So moist!

My Goals

My first goal is to score 30 points again in one game.  I will accomplish this by working hard everyday and working on the things i struggle with.

My second goal is to get really good grades this year.  I will get good grades by studying hard for every test and doing the best i can in class everyday.

My third goal is to not get in trouble once this year.  I will stay away from the kids that i know will get me in trouble and do the things my teachers tell me.

I would love to go to....

I would love to go to the Grand Canyon.  I think it would be such a thrill to go and see the amazing view.  I would like to learn more about the history of the Grand Canyon.  Also, it would be an awesome way to spend time with my family.