Joy Kosisky

Executive Producer with KOSFILMS

About Joy Kosisky

Over the course of her career as a producer and technical director, Joy Kosisky has acquired significant experience in project and film management. She currently works as an executive producer with Kos Films in Atlanta, Georgia, where she manages the firm’s film projects. She coordinates technical and personnel resources, reads and evaluates scripts, and establishes production and post-production schedules. In recent years, she won a Gracie Award in the Outstanding Documentary category for her production of the film “Breaking the Curse with Daryn Kagan.” Concurrently with her work at Kos Films, Joy Kosisky works as a technical director and director for CNN.

Through her expertise in filmmaking, Joy Kosisky supports the efforts of several nonprofit organizations. For example, she produced a documentary for the Rising Star Outreach program, which works closely with families in Southern India affected by leprosy. Ms. Kosisky also produced a documentary for the Presidential Climate Action Project, which discusses important issues related to renewable (solar) energy.

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