I admire my Grandpa Randy

My grandpa was born Aug. 18 1948 in Ft. Dodge IA. He grew up on a farm with 4 younger sisters. In high school he became very successful at starting his own farm.

I admire him because of his knowledge. He is someone I will always go to for advice.

My grandpa is one of the smartest people I know.

  • 27. If you are having trouble making friends start quacking like a duck. Don't do it all the time, just once or twice an hour. You will be amazed at how many people will start paying attention to you.
  • #139 If someone offers you a chocolate chimp cookie just say no thanks because they are just trying to monkey around with you.
  • #411. If you start barking while you are taking a test it probably will not improve your score.

Another reason I admire him is because of his humor. On a weekly basis he emails me and my cousins "helpful tips" to guide us through life.

Finally, I admire my grandpa because of his creativity. He can build just about anything if he sets his mind to it. Some examples are, a 3 story tree house, a pond the size of an acre in his back yard, a bridge for a golf cart, a shed, a fish house and much more.

In conclusion, my grandpa is a person to admire.

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