My Civil War Journal

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Journal Entry #1

Hi my name is Mary (Brian) and Im from the  north. I live in house with my mother and father and older sister.I will be serving the Union for the war because i feel like there should be no slavery for anyone because it is not fair and equal for the other people. Im a sergeant major.

Journal Entry #2

Civil War Script

John Burnside: Good Morning Men!

Brian: Why so early? I was snug as a bug

John Burnside: Looks like you’ve been through the mill

Brian: all these men are fit to be tied and played out, let them sleep

John Burnside: Just starting toeing the mark and get all ‘em men up we got some pepperboxes to shoot

Brian: Fine but if you want us to win the war you will have to let us get some sleep so we can be fit as a fiddle

John Burnside: The war life is definitely a hard case

Journal Entry #3

Dear sister,today we marched down to the music and while me and some other soldiers were marching,there was a soldier who got punished and he was holding a sign up saying he was a thief.

Journal Entry #7

Today in camp a lot of soldiers died from deceased more than battles.A lot of the soldiers died from diarrhea and dysentery.Most of them got bit by mosquitoes and they would get lice and fever,they would spread really fast on everyone.  The nurses would would give them a drug and a dose.

Journal Entry #8

(Going home)
Dear Diary,today I get to go home.I only served a year in the Union Army.At first I thought it was going to fun  fighting but then I realized it was not fun at all.It was sad seeing people die and get sick or get hurt.I would get nightmares at night because of the stuff I have seen. I'm extremely relived that I am leaving this horrible place and finally get to see my family and be with them. I think any women in the Union Army would have quit or ran away but not me.It was hard for me because I would see people laying on the floor dead or begging for help but I couldn't risk to help them other wise they would probably kill me too.I went home on a train and it was probably the longest ride of my life.

Journal Entry #6
(camp life)

When we would go camping a lot of men would get lice since they were dirty and they slept all together in a tent.There was no bathroom at all if we had to go we would have to dig a hole and do our business their.It would smell really bad since a lot of soldiers would dig holes by the tents.Soldiers would also get sick since they would be drinking dirty water from the lakes or dirty puddles

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