About Me!!!!

Hello my name is Johnathan Dorsheimer.  I live in Shenandoah, PA.  I have posted a picture of my family. That is me in the front. The second row is my cousin Syndney, my sister Lyndzey, my Aunt Doris, Aunt Kimmy, Grandgather and on his shoulder is my Aunt Kellie.  The third row from the left is my Sister Courtney, my Mom-mom, My sister Renee and nephew Haiden, Uncle Todd, Dad amd Mom.  I also have an older brother Steven.  I have many pets, a dog, cat, tranchula spider, a turtle and parakeets. We lost our two rabbits this summer, and our chinchilla, rat and ginea pigs last year. I miss them. I live to play video games and play outside sports with my friends.  My dad takes me fishing, crystal hunting and hunting.  I love to ride my minibike, scooter and skateboard. My favorite color is green and subject in school is Science.

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