Politics Changing in Rome

A map of Ancient Rome

By: Lina Janero

8/17/509 BC  The Patricians are the most powerful and wealthy people in Rome. What they do is build the Roman government. They took the best people and see what they  can and will do for Rome. Patricians are one of the highest class in Rome. They have the most and can do more then others. But their Aren't many Patricians. There are more Plebeians in Rome. But Patricians still over powered the Plebeians.  Patricians are the highest class in Rome.  They pretty much rule Rome.  But then they decided to build a bigger government; so they went searching for people who could do the job. when they got the people they want, they are going to build a senate. The senate should have three hundred people. When the senate is built; the Patricians are aloud to help and control the senate whenever they want. They stand as political leaders.  They will help in anyway to make Rome a better country.

Roman Plays are very amusing now a days. lots of the plays have double plots that just draw the viewer in closer into the movie. Quintus Ennius, Marcus Pacuvins, and Lucius Accius are very famous play writers. But a lot of there work has not survived.  Fabula Palliata are one of the only plays that have survived. But Greek drama was an inspiration to most play writers. That is why most Roman plays are drama's. Theater was a very important aspect of Rome.

The Roman Senate
Roman Masks

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