Technology To Help At-Risk Students

Technology can help at-risk students in many ways. These three technologies can help the students learn and practice on basic skills

1. Computers

Many students can benefit from working with computers because its gives the students a sense of engagement and that they are participating. For example, when working in a group setting on a power point, they will feel engaged and apart of the project. Another way computers are great for student is that they can watch interactive videos about the content. This is just another way students are learn and grow in the classroom.

2. Interactive Whiteboard

The interactive whiteboard is a great way to help students in the classroom. The students are getting up from their seats and working at the whiteboard. This can help students who are falling behind and need extra help. Teachers can have a one and one setting and it is easier for the student to ask questions.

3. iPad

The iPad is a good resource to use for the students who are struggling. There are a few apps that can help these students who are at risk of failing or falling back. For example, even the most basic app can help the students get off on the right foot. The app, My Class Schedule is a great way for students to organize their test scores, homework progress, and it can self-motivate them along the way.  Another app called Cram, allows the students to study for upcoming tests which they can create quizzes and flash cards and study on the go.

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3 years ago

I am going to look into your recommended apps. Thanks for the information!