Spanx is an American apparel industry that was founded by Sara Blackely in 2000. Before Spanx, Sara worked for a company that sold fax machines door to door. While she worked she had to wear pantyhose that had seamed toes. She found this very uncomfortable to wear with heels. When she tried to find pantyhose without seamed toes she was unsuccessful. At the age of 27 she moved to Atlanta and invested her life savings of 5,000 to research and develop hosiery based off her ideas.

       She completed her first prototype in over the course of the year. She included her mother and friends in the testing of the garments. While other industries were using the same sized waist band to cut cost, Sara used different sized waist bands to satisfy the different body sizes of her consumers. The brand name for her product wad originally "spanks" and replaced the "ks" with an "x". In 2000 she launched Spanx out of her apartment, undertaking all the initial calls and marketing herself.

   Over the years her company and product has gained recognition, even by Oprah Winfrey when she named the product as one of her favorite things

     In the company's first year they generated $8 million dollars in retail sales. In 2002 her sales grew to $15 million dollars and in 2014 they grew to more than $400 million dollars.


   Spanx is a company that only trades and sells to company's domestically. Competition such as Maidenform are internation companies that pose a threat to Spanx because they risk losing investments. If they only sell to one area of the world then they loose many opportunitys to make money


         Spanx is made of Cotton and polyester. Since these two products are found world wide the two transportations systems used are the interstate and the sea. The interstate is used of course to deliver the actual materials to the warehouse and the sea is used for boats to carry it into the country.

Impact on Georgia

         Spanx creates revenue for the state along with jobs that include things such as working at the warehouse, delivering materials,a accounting, ect.


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