Winter Break Challenge participants. Way to work ha

Classroom News   1-7-15

Our week is off to a great start.  It seems like everyone has grown up so much in the two weeks that they were away.  Students came back ready to learn and follow directions.  Today students are bringing home their Nexus 7 tablets for the first time.  These devices tend to run out of battery a little faster than the iPads so please help your child make sure to charge it each night and bring it to school every day.  We are in the process of learning how to navigate the new device so feel free to look it over with your child and have them explain what they know so far.  We also learned how to use a really fun game called Math Dual.  I'm sure kids would love to play with you or siblings at home.

We are going to start having a spelling test at the end of each week.  The five words we work with at the beginning of the week will be assessed at the end of the week.  This weeks words are: after, very, find, over, any.  There are only 20 words for 3rd quarter so we will finish early and be able to practice words that students may need work on from previous quarters.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the winter break challenge.  Each student who turned in their BINGO sheet with at least one BINGO gets to eat lunch in the room and two winners were drawn from the raffle for prizes from the treasure box.  


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