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                In the beginning of the book the only thing that seemed to motivate Benedick, was to annoy Beatrice. No matter where they were, they were always fighting;by throwing insults at each other. However near the middle of the play we find out that he is actually motivated by his love towards Beatrice. They were doing anything they could to show each other that they didn't love the other one. but at the end of the play he proposed to Beatrice and she said yes.

Fair Beatrice, I thank you for your pains.-Benedick -II,3,1055

     At the beginning of the book Benedick is a very arrogant person who has all of the ladies and the only one that ins't falling for him, and he doesn't care that she hates him. As the play goes on they continue to fight and argue. But when he hears that Beatrice still loves him you see him dancing in the pond. After the failed marriage he confronts Beatrice and talks to her to see if she actually likes him. She says yes and Benedick tells her that he will do anything to prove his live for her, she tells him that he has to kill Claudio. He tries to talk her out but it doesn't work, so later that day he challenges Claudio to a duel to the death. This shows that he went from not caring about Beatrice, to kill for her.

You are a villain; I jest not: I will make it good how you dare, with what you...


      Benedick effects the plot by always trying to help. When Hero is wrongly accused hes stand up and calls Claudio out and challenges him to a death match. He also helps the theme. he starts out a a lone wolf and near the end of the play he is willing to kill for his love. This shows even a person trying not to fall in love will always find love because it is every where.

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